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Question: What is an average price for remodeling a kitchen or bathroom?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no such thing as an average price when it comes to remodeling. Each job is different in regards to space, size, product, and the unique characteristics of your home. That’s why Design Tech Remodeling offers a free in home consultation. It gives us the opportunity to meet you, see the style of your home, and learn from you what you envision for your project. We also discuss the flow of the space, your goals for the project, and the budget you have allocated. Next, we develop a design solution for your project and give you estimates as the basis for further discussion.

Question: I have no idea what the cost of remodeling my kitchen or bathroom should be.

Answer: During your in-home consultation we will measure the area to be remodeled. With our company’s many years of experience, we have established a mathematical way of incorporating all aspects of the remodeling project into an estimate. This will include design, demolition, drywall, carpentry, cabinet installation, counter tops, flooring, as well as plumbing and electrical labor to give you an approximate cost of your particular project.

The fixed costs such as carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical are fairly accurate. The balance of the budget depends on the product selection and that varies from one customer to the next. How much you spend on the cabinets, appliances, counter tops, flooring, lighting (kitchen remodel) bath tub, faucets, sink, toilet (bathroom remodel) is up to you. During our discussions, we will advise and educate you on the different quality of products and help you make the perfect choice to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Question: I’m not very decisive, and I have never remodeled a kitchen. How do I go about making my selections?

Answer: At Design Tech Remodeling, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers. Having been in the industry for many years, we know and deal with the best distributors in the area. We consider it a privilege to go with you to each distributor and assist you with the selection process. Since we have been to your home and know your taste and style, we make sure that your selections will fit with the style of your home. We know how to help people narrow options and focus in on the best of many alternatives, taking into account quality, style, and cost.

Question: Is it necessary to apply for a city or municipal permit for my remodeling job?

Answer: Most will require all three permits, building, plumbing, and electrical. For your convenience our staff will pull the permits and meet the inspectors. All the permit fees are included in the base price of the bid, unless the scope of the project changes drastically.

Question: Does Design Tech Remodeling have its own employees or do they sub contract?

Answer: The Design Tech Team consists of 3 full time desingers who assist the homeowner's in every step of the process. Our carpenters have a vested interest from start to finish of a project, as they are part owners in the company. Our subcontractors we use are an extension of our Design Tech Team and understand the philosophy we adhere to "Excellence in Customer Service".

Question: Does the entire remodeling job have to be paid up front or do we do it in installments?

Answer: The job will not need to be paid for up front. Here is the payment schedule:
• 45% down payment at execution of contract (this allows for the selection process to begin)
• 45% down payment when cabinets are delivered
• 10% is due after substantial completion

Question: Do you accept credit card payments?

Answer: For our customers' convenience we accept Visa and Master Card. There is a fee charged to the homeowner by the credit card company for using a credit card.

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