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Even as we head into 2022, families are still spending a lot of time together at home. More time at home means a continued focus on their living areas look and function. 

The home office is finally put together, and the kitchen has already been updated. Now homeowners are looking at bathroom remodeling ideas. They want hard-working fixtures and stylish accents to provide a comfortable, Zen-like atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, the bathroom is one of the most heavily used areas of the house. Everyone in the family begins and ends their day there – it’s where the kids brush their teeth, get ready for school, fight over who gets to use the shower first, etc. A neighbor who stops by for a quick cup of coffee and a chat may use the bathroom, too. If a family regularly entertains, they want the bathroom to be more than merely efficient and practical; they’d also like it to feel and look luxurious.

As a homeowner, the bathroom’s functionality and overall environment are essential. If the space is well-planned, it can make the entire family more comfortable. However, if the room doesn’t operate well, it can be quite a disaster. But with the following bathroom remodeling ideas, not only can it be a clean, bright, and useful bathroom, it will be a space that everyone can easily use.

Is it time to make some updates? Are you looking for inspiration for bathroom remodeling ideas? Give your bathroom the style it deserves with these attractive and updated suggestions.

Boost your bathroom design with some of these remodeling concepts. Start by reviewing a few case studies for an updated primary bathroom, powder room, or guest bathroom.

An updated, attractive bathroom is attainable in your future. Even better, a bathroom makeover is an excellent investment and will add value to your home. So, take a look at several bathroom remodeling suggestions from Design Tech Remodeling to begin your journey.

Have a Better Functioning Bathroom with Integrated Technology

There has been an enormous focus on washing hands and staying germ-free in the past two years. So, faucets are the most popular bathroom upgrade, according to the Houzz 2021 Bath Trends report. Homeowners are putting more thought into their hygiene, especially hand-washing. Therefore, they want easy-to-use, better-functioning faucets and stylish sinks and cabinetry.


Touchless fixtures are the hottest item to add to bathroom remodeling ideas. To make bathrooms more hygienic, not touching the faucet means no more dirty or soapy hands turning the handles and leaving behind germs. Various other bathroom products will work with a simple wave of the hand.


New technology can be integrated into your bathroom remodeling ideas for more efficiency, comfort, and ease. Beyond touchless faucets, consider adding smart toilets, tech-savvy controls for showers, wall-mounted interfaces, mobile apps, and flooring that gets warm with a touch of a button.


Also popular are upgrades to bath ventilation systems. Replace old ventilation and exhaust fans with humidity- and steam-sensing fans—these work without ever having to turn them off or on. Additionally, Bluetooth in-shower speakers can add to the spa-like atmosphere in a luxurious primary bathroom.

Touchless faucet

Photo Credit: PM (Plumbing & Mechanical)

Smart Toilet

Photo Credit: Harmony

shower speakers


Case Study I:  Mequon Spa Master Bathroom – NARI 2021 Bronze Award Residential Bath

This homeowner’s goal was to transform an outdated main suite into a high-end, tranquil, spa-like oasis. By relocating the bathtub and replacing it with a free-standing organic-shaped bathtub, Design Tech Remodeling created their dream master bath.

The new bathroom suits the homeowners perfectly. The increased size and improved functionality bring beauty and elegance to the space. Adding a half wall between the toilet and bathtub provides the visual separation the homeowners desired.

The invigorating walk-in shower offers a rain head spout and handheld fixtures. Adding to the spa-like atmosphere is a Bluetooth in-shower speaker. They can enjoy listening to their favorite music or staying on top of world news even while shaving.
For finishing touches, dark slate gray vanities contrast with the light quartz countertops. The beautiful white, gray, and taupe accents provide a natural, tranquil oasis-like feel. The border tile, along with the sparkle of the vanity lights, adds a level of sophistication.

Organic Style is the Newest in Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A major theme in home design that began in 2020 is the organic style. This theme emphasizes plenty of plants, natural materials, and warm, earthy colors. It is also quickly becoming a top bathroom style. According to the NKBA (the National Kitchen and Bath Association), this connection to nature will continue to play a role in bath designs for many years.

More and more homeowners are adding plants to their bathrooms and using watery blues and earthy greens as accent colors. However, the NKBA recommends using soft, monochromatic applications, not bold splashes of color. The use of other natural materials such as woven baskets for storage and reeds and other grasses for décor adds to the organic style of a beautiful bathroom.

Additionally, warm, natural wood tones are taking over for the stark white cabinetry of yesterday.

Case Study II –  Menomonee Falls Elegant Spa Retreat – 2015 Residential Bath NARI Silver Award

By removing the whirlpool tub, the large deck, and a corner shower, the designer created more space for a newly positioned soaking tub. The much larger walk-in shower now offers many pampering features: a bench, brushed bronze shower head, body sprays, and a handheld shower. The earthy rust and gold tones of the wall tiles blend perfectly with the mosaic border, while the deep hues of the river rock shower floor add even more natural forms to the room. The rich wood tones of the vanities complement the granite countertops. The double vessel sinks, the curved faucets, and the natural woven décor accents complete this sophisticated and organic-inspired spa retreat.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas include Modern Influences

Modern accents will be prevalent in 2022, regardless of a bathroom’s overall design. Adding a contemporary touch is becoming increasingly popular, even if the room includes a personalized mix of elements. For example, a modern light fixture can add a dynamic component to even the most rustic-looking bathroom. Or the minimal lines of more contemporary cabinetry will give any bathroom an overall uncluttered modern look.

Case Study III –  Hubertus Elegant Master Bathroom – 2020 NARI RotY Silver Award

This newly designed main bathroom delivers more storage, better functionality, and the high-end and luxurious feel desired by the homeowners. First, the designer eliminated the rarely-used, existing whirlpool tub to allow enough space for a large walk-in shower. The design added body spray tiles and a handheld showerhead for the most invigorating shower. The cream, gray, and taupe shower wall tiles contrast beautifully with the custom floating vanities, and the granite countertops cohesively tie the space together.
A touch of modern influence is brought in through the sparkle of the textured glass fixtures. It fulfills the homeowner’s desire for a sophisticated master bath.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas include Tile

A tile floor and walls are essential for keeping the bathroom clean and dry. Homeowners may not be able to control the splashes from their child’s bath or shower. Still, tile can prevent them from destroying a beautiful new bathroom. Tile prevents moisture from seeping into the walls and floors and potentially causing problems such as mold.

However, with so many shapes, sizes, colors, and tile designs available, it can be overwhelming to decide. Bathroom tiles are highly functional and versatile, low maintenance, durable, and water-resistant. They are also trendy due to their aesthetic value.

So how does one choose? Here are some suggestions.

Matte finish tiles are rapidly increasing in popularity. They offer a soft yet powerful feel to enhance the room’s overall aesthetic. Matte also provides a sleek, modern, and low-sheen finish to the walls or floor.

Not only are tile patterns and colors becoming more diverse, but their shapes are also changing. Geometric-shaped tiles for bathroom walls and floors are now available. The most popular choice is the retro-style hexagonal shape.

Keep a newly remodeled bathroom simple yet elegant with a neutral color palette. Gray, taupe, beige, and other soft, warm tones lend themselves to versatility with interior décor. As mentioned earlier, the natural, earthy, and organic colors will be around for a very long time.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It may seem strange to add artwork and personal touches to this room. Still, the latest bathroom remodeling ideas suggest making the space your own to help you relax.

Create a statement with soft, fluffy towels, a favorite piece of art, a sculpture, or an antique vase filled with flowers. Consider using a variety of sparkling pendants, can lights, and other lamps for mood lighting. Find unusual containers to add a dash of personality to the bathroom. For example, use an antique sugar bowl to hold Q-tips or cotton balls. Or use a pretty wicker basket to store extra toilet paper rolls or a wine box for hand towels.

The homeowner should place smaller décor pieces together on a shelf so the room won’t look cluttered. These personalized touches add character and make your master bath a reflection of you.

Case Study IV –  Brookfield Zen Master Suite – 2017 Residential Bath NARI Gold Award

A refreshing shower in a relaxing atmosphere is the best way to begin the day. In Brookfield, Wisconsin, these homeowners wanted to transform their outdated master bathroom into a luxurious Zen oasis. They had a specific vision in mind, and by thinking outside the box, that vision became a reality.  

Design Tech Remodeling relocated the plumbing and provided the homeowners with a beautiful soaking tub and large walk-in shower. Best of all, the main bathroom now has improved functionality and modern amenities.  

Beautiful gray, smoky blue, and taupe colors were incorporated into the space through tile and cabinetry to add to their Zen feel. The titanium finishes, the organic shape of the tub, and the sparkle of the vanity lights provide sophistication.

Universal Design Upgrades for your Remodeled Bath

Many of the trends noted above are connected to universal design principles. They are the reason behind many bathroom remodeling projects. Frankly, more than half of bathroom renovations are done to address the specific needs of aging family members, those with disabilities, or young children.

For example, according to the recent Houzz report, fixtures like mood lighting, body sprayers, and rainfall showerheads have been added by 74% of people who have upgraded their bathrooms. Additionally, the NKBA notes that shower seats, handheld showers, and curbless entries are incorporated even more often. Barrier-free showers with no curbs are becoming the norm in new construction. No longer considered ‘wheelchair-accessible’ showers, these showers are regarded as accessible for everyone.

Design Tech Remodeling 

Design Tech Remodeling can design and build the Zen- and spa-like bathroom you’ve been dreaming about for years.

We are a full-service bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeler for the greater Milwaukee community. Design Tech Remodeling offers high-quality designs and products with unmatched customer service. The entire process from start to finish will be pleasant, stress-free, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

If you want a better functioning bathroom for your growing family, need updates for a changing lifestyle, or want to upgrade the look of your bathroom, we can help. You may wish to add more counter space, double sinks, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, better storage, or increase the room’s flow. It doesn’t matter because the Design Tech Remodeling team will create your ideal bathroom. We’ll use our innovative ideas, high-quality finishes, and excellent craftsmanship.

Best of all, when you remodel your bathroom with stylish upgrades, you add value to your home.
Please get in touch with the award-winning Design Tech Remodeling today. Please find out how we can make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true!

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