Bathroom Vanities: What’s Trending in 2022?

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Are you planning to remodel a bathroom in your house? It might be helpful to know what’s trending in bathroom vanities for 2022 before you get too far into the process. This way, you can create a modern space using up-to-date design elements that will be beautiful and elegant yet functional for many years.

Today’s bathrooms are all about relaxation, relieving stress and tension, and being places of refuge. A small, simple bathroom with just the basics is far in the past. Bathrooms in 2022 are full of new accessories and “smart” ideas. For example, be sure to add heated towel racks, surround sound, and technology that can start the shower with just a touch of a button on your phone.


Bathroom Vanities as a Focal Point

A remodeled bathroom is an investment of time and money, so be certain to plan out everything in advance. Working with a professional designer will help to clarify and distinguish what you need from what you want in your new bathroom getaway. Most importantly, bathroom vanities can be the focal point of a newly updated master bath. There’s a lot to know to choose the right one.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms may be designed and used for hygiene, but don’t be afraid to show off some of your style and personality in this room, too. Here’s the inside scoop with several ideas and trends for bathroom vanities in 2022. 

This list will help you find some inspiration and make smart decisions regarding your upcoming remodeling project. This list is sure to spark your creativity!


Choose Beautiful Wood Bathroom Vanities

Gorgeous bathroom vanities start with beautiful wood grain. As the 2022 home’s interior designs begin to bring in the feelings and elements of nature, neutral colors and wood vanities are at the top of the list. White and grey finishes are slowly fading from home remodeling trends and are being replaced with warm tones and wood accents.

Various wood bathroom vanities blend very well with greens, blues, beiges, and many other colors – both pastel and dark. Wood vanities also compliment industrial, vintage, traditional, and contemporary trends. This finish can also tone down an overly-modern bathroom and offer a dash of warmth.

Woodgrain finishes on bathroom vanities can also come in upcycled antique dressers, reused wood planks, and more.


Minimalism Designs in Bathrooms: Less Bathroom Vanity Clutter

bathroom remodel

Luxurious modern bathrooms are also scaling back on the “extras” around the room. Minimalism may be considered a new design trend, but this clean aesthetic is quite popular and may actually stick around for quite a while. Therefore, don’t add too much “stuff” to the top of your bathroom vanities (i.e., cotton ball containers, fancy soap dishes, knickknacks, etc.).

The minimalistic design incorporates clean lines, simple door styles, vanities that blend in with the rest of the space (or with the rest of the house). Use accent colors like black, navy, or white for an elegant touch. To continue with the minimalist style, install a faucet with a simple shape in gold or chrome, with no curvy or overly fancy shapes and designs.

Japandi Bathroom Vanities

The Japandi style is a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese designs. The combination creates the perfect bathroom retreat for your home using natural materials, straight lines, and neutral colors to create an inviting and relaxing space. It is the ideal compromise between elegant Japanese aesthetics and the clean lines of Scandinavian design. 

Use minimal accessories and muted colors of ceramic tile, or add vertical wood strips to the front of the vanity, the walls, as a floor mat, on closet doors, etc., to achieve the Japandi design of mixing natural elements and straight lines.

To design the ideal Japandi-style master bathroom, here are some other core elements you’ll need to work with:

  • Introduce different textures to the room, using natural materials such as stone and wood.
  • Use contrast – dark and light, traditional and modern
  • Focus on intentional and functional items
  • Keep things uncluttered
  • Clean and clear design – think minimal, calm, and organized 
  • Bring the outdoors in by adding some green plants


If One is Good, Two Bathroom Vanities Are Better!

The only thing better than having a single sink in the master bath is having two of them. Double sinks set in or basins on top of extra-long bathroom vanities are becoming the norm for remodeled master baths. It’s the perfect addition to your bathroom project. Double sinks can also be designed with two separate vanities for a “his” and “hers” divided space. Having to wait for your significant other to finish shaving or brushing their teeth is so ‘last year!’


Free Standing Basins for Bathroom Vanities

best bathroom remodelers

Simply by changing out the vanity, countertop, and the sink, a bathroom can feel refreshed and completely different. Consider, instead of a standard built-in (integrated) sink, choosing a freestanding basin. This option can add a lot of character. By 2022, these basins will be oblong and more organic-shaped than in previous years. 


Try adding a raw stone, concrete, or porcelain bowl to bring a modern touch to your master bathroom design. In 2022, tall rectangular basins also take center stage for bathroom trends. They’ll add elegance to any size bathroom.

bathroom remodel

A freestanding basin should be paired with stylish tiles and very simple faucets to avoid overloading the vanity space. There will be many styles to choose from, so take your time and work with a professional designer to find the perfect basin and vanity for your remodeled bathroom.

Wall Mounted or Floating Vanities for the Bathroom

Because bathroom vanities can be the focal point of a master bath or second bathroom, it’s often difficult to choose just the right one. Vanities come in many sizes and shapes and various wood tones, finishes, and colors. Then, you have to consider how you want it placed in the room.


For 2022, the most popular trend for bathroom vanities is to mount them on the wall, with lots of open space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. This trend offers another opportunity for minimalist décor and gives an elegant touch. But be sure to hide the sink pipes – or you will lose the effect of ‘floating.’ For the greatest in minimalist design, choose a vanity with an integrated sink.


Wall-mounted or floating bathroom vanities are quite spacious, so you’ll still have enough storage room for your towels, beauty products, and cleaning supplies. Or add a linen closet to store all your odds and ends out of the way.

Floating bathroom vanity

Best of all, a floating vanity will add visual appeal to your bathroom and make it look much larger. If you have tall family members, it’s also ideal for offering a comfortable vanity height for everyone to use.


Gold Hardware for Bathroom Vanities

Besides being a luxurious color, gold creates a glamorous and elegant space. But what is the best way to use gold in the bathroom? To contrast the natural materials and wood tones, try using metals with a touch of gold.

Gold complements various design styles and reflects light, which is why it’s so great. The color is truly amazing when used on hardware, such as drawer pulls and handles on vanities, on faucets, or shower valves. Or add a gold-framed mirror or light fixtures. Show just how trendy you are by combining the gold with copper to add more visual interest to your master bathroom. 


Storage Space for Bathroom Vanities

As minimalist living gains traction, bathrooms will also reflect a simpler way of life. The space requirements for fewer (un)necessary objects also mean the need for less storage. A “fewer things” lifestyle helps relieve stress and keep drawers and cabinets more organized.

The master bathroom should be a serene sanctuary for relaxation. Using hidden cabinets, wall shelves, and cabinet storage will make the entire bathroom feel larger and more open because it will be less cluttered. Put away extra towels, soaps, tissue boxes, etc., to keep the whole space feeling cleaner and more organized.


Bathroom Trends to Avoid in 2022

Interior design trends can change quickly. In no time, you have a bathroom that is tired-looking and outdated. Here is a list of trends that will make your home show its age.

  • Lacquered cabinets. Shiny lacquer was extremely popular in modern bathroom designs a few years ago. But in 2022, matte finishes will be dominant. 


  • Intense patterns. Ceramic is made to last for many years, so don’t choose loud patterns you may get tired of after a short time. Additionally, if you decide to sell your home soon and your décor is too personalized, it may turn off buyers. If you love using patterns in tiles, choose a more discreet tone-on-tone design. 


  • Barn doors. Barn doors may have been trendy for a while, but they don’t provide any absolute privacy. Frankly, it doesn’t look like a design trend that’s here to stay. Go for the timeless and stick to traditional doors for bathrooms. 


  • An entirely white bathroom. White has been popular for decades because it provides a lot of light and reflection. However, an all-white bathroom doesn’t have much personality or display a particular design style. Keeping clean is also challenging as it shows every speck left behind. So, use other warmer colors like soft yellow, terra cotta, or beige, and try white as an accent color instead.


Creating the Perfect Bathroom in 2022

How homeowners use their bathrooms has changed a lot in the past few years. These rooms are now considered one of the most functional in the home and are getting larger and grander. Homeowners often find themselves heading to their bathrooms to relax in a long, hot bath, take a steam shower, or sit and read the latest bestseller.

2021 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Of course, because bathrooms have some very specific properties, they are also quite different from kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms to remodel. Every year brings new styles and trends for decorating, so consider keeping the tile and other permanent fixtures reasonably neutral. Add touches of updated colors and décor you can change every few years.


Remember, also, that you can mix and match the styles you prefer to create a bathroom that works perfectly for you. When talking with your designer, adding some of the touches suggested above can offer a bit of elegance to the room. Still, your personality and design choices matter, too.


Possibilities for bathroom designs are nearly endless. Have fun with trends, and combine some that are the most interesting to you. These latest bathroom vanity trends are just ideas to get your imagination flowing. Use them for inspiration but incorporate your personality to create an ideal master bathroom you’ll enjoy for many years. 


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