Easy Summer DIY Projects.

Summer is a great time to work on your ever growing home improvement wish list. While the weather is favorable for both indoor and outdoor projects, you’ll typically want to focus on outdoor work and take advantage of the long, sunny days before winter returns. Here are a few of our recommended summer home improvement projects.


Take a look at your roof and see if any basic repairs need to be made. You’ll want to check the forecast for this project, nice temperatures and a low chance of rain are ideal. Inspect your roof and fix simple issues such as areas that need patching or fixing loose shingles. If you find there’s significant damage to your roof, or you’re experiencing leaks it’d be best to contact a roofing contractor.

Build a Deck

Summer’s all about spending time outdoors, grilling out and soaking up the sun. What better way to get in the spirit than by building a new deck. A simple ground-level deck can be built fairly easily with the help of a few people armed with the knowledge of power tools. Many first-time builders opt for pressure-treated wood as it’s easy to work with and budget-friendly. An outdoor deck is a great entertainment space and it adds value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.


Another seasonal favorite, landscaping is an easy way to add curb appeal to your home. Plant colorful flowers, add some mulch and prune often for the best results. If you’re feeling extra ambitious consider planting a few trees in strategic places to help you stay cool in the shade years down the road. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to get shade now with fun umbrellas and covered porches.

Clean the Gutters

Clean your gutters once or twice a year to ensure they’re working properly. All you need to do this job is a ladder tall enough to do the job and a friendly recruit to help hold the ladder steady so you make it back down in one piece.

Window TLC

Add caulk around your windows to help keep the heat out. This is a simple project that only requires caulk, a caulking gun and a putty knife. If you find that your windows are a lost cause it might be time to consider replacing them completely.


Summer is a great time to conquer your DIY home improvement wish list. While it’s great to be enthusiastic about a project, be sure you’re realistic about your skill level. There’s no shame in asking a professional for help if you find you lack experience in certain areas. Most importantly, have fun enjoying your new and improved home, just in time for summer.

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