Design Tips for Clean Styled/Natural Organic Kitchen and Baths

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kitchen and bath design tips

Kitchen and Bath Design Tips by Design Tech Remodeling will inform and educate on natural and organic Kitchen and bath designs in this blog.

Although COVID has begun to slow down, and employees are returning to office buildings, the pandemic’s impact on our lives seems to be long-lasting. The coronavirus’ effect has been especially influential on how we use our household spaces.

As families spent more time together at home, kitchens and bathrooms were often remodeled and enlarged. Outdoor living and exterior projects increased significantly as well. Homeowners looked for ways to create flexible living spaces, easier ways to clean and keep rooms clutter-free, and ideas to integrate technology throughout the house. But are you still unsure how to remodel your home the way you’ve always wanted even after researching kitchen and bath design tips?

Design preferences for bathrooms and kitchens are trending toward more modern, minimally detailed, and contemporary styles. The most recent popular trend is one called “natural organic.”

So step back boho chic, move aside modern farmhouse, and get lost mid-century modern; there’s a new style in town. 

Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Design Tips

The latest trend in interior design is one of an airy and light aesthetic. This new trend combines a touch of Scandinavian flair with modern, clean lines, high-quality craftsmanship, accents from nature, and effortless sophistication.

Think about creating comfortable and cozy spaces in your home with natural textures, neutral colors, well-crafted fixtures, and simple lines. 

Below are several kitchen and bath design tips you’ll want to try in your home. But first, here are a few definitions and concepts to understand.

How Kitchen and Bath Designs Evolved Over The Years

There has been a significant shift in design and décor styles since 2019. For the past ten years, the traditional design style has consistently ranked as one of the top choices for decor, color, cabinetry, and finishes.

Traditional Kitchen by Design Tech Remodeling

Traditional design styles include using layers of textures, patterns, and colors. Dark stained cabinet doors have ornate knobs and handles, plate collections are hung on the walls, and displays of books and figurines sit on tabletops around the room. This style loves symmetry. However, the traditional design style has now dropped to one of the least popular styles for kitchens and bathrooms. Natural organic has taken its place.

Natural-Organic Design

What is the Natural Organic Design Trend?

Frankly, because of today’s fast-paced way of life, many people are beginning to crave a quieter, calmer, simpler living space. They want to feel connected to nature and come home to a relaxed, welcoming residence.

Organic has a very European feel due to its warmth and texture of natural finishes, minimal detailing, and clean lines. It evolved from the minimalist style’s most popular elements and trends but has been given more character and personality.

Designs are borrowed from American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his idea that homes and buildings should feel rooted in the landscape and part of the topography. His concept of continuity stressed outstanding craftsmanship, natural materials, and livability. Other influences on natural organic design come from early 20th-century furniture designers such as Charles Eames and Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

Frank Lloyd Wright Design

Natural Kitchen Design Ideas That Bring Out The Beauty Of Mother Earth

For centuries, nature has been a font of inspiration for artists and designers worldwide. Today’s natural organic trend is about using our strong connection to the environment and tactile and ecological elements to invoke the sight, sound, and feel of being surrounded by nature.

These organic designs have been most recently influenced by environmentalism, the fight for sustainability, and climate change. Shapes, colors, textures, and references to Mother Nature are used in everything from industrial design and graphic design to interior décor and household products. It is astonishingly adaptable and can be used in illustrations, web designs, art, and in nearly any medium, such as wood, metal, and stone.

Kitchen and Bath Design Tips 

The kitchen and bathrooms are the most heavily trafficked rooms in the house. While the kitchen has been described as the heart of the home, it’s now also the most multi-purpose room. Throughout the pandemic, kids would do their schoolwork at the kitchen table or on the island. 

Family conversations, phone calls, or Zoom meetings took place there, and meal prep and cooking were happening – often all at the same time.

Zoom meeting in the kitchen

Therefore, designs and floor plans for kitchens began to trend toward a more streamlined, functional, and adaptable space. Most often, walls were eliminated between living rooms or dining rooms (or both) and the kitchen to create a more open concept. With increased functionality and storage, these open areas now allow families to work, cook, eat, chat and play in the same space.

On the other hand, bathrooms have gone from purely functional rooms to becoming a solo oasis from the stress of the day. Spa-like finishes of floor-to-ceiling marble tiles, deep soaker tubs, walk-in showers with surround sound, and more offer the homeowner a place to get away from it all (especially the kids!).

You want your home to feel fresh, cozy, and relaxing. Plus, if you love the warmth of natural elements yet enjoy modern design, natural organic design is for you. It combines the naturalist in you with the minimalist and contemporary decorator you are. It’s a great mixture of elements that can be used with what you may already have in your home – with just a few changes. Keep reading to learn more about kitchen and bath design tips.

The Essentials Of Natural Design For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Natural organic design brings the outdoors in by using nature-inspired and raw materials. This creates an environment that is authentic, comfortable, and fresh. You can start slowly and change out just one or two pieces. For example:

Kitchen and bath ideas
Natural/Organic Kitchen

The key to the natural organic design is to add hints of nature around the room.

• Use real (or even fake) plants to reflect the outdoors. 

• Enlarge your windows for more natural light.

• Allow the wood grain to show with a stain instead of painting the cabinetry. 

• Add tactile materials such as cowhide, woven rattan, or wicker chairs around the island. 

• Natural stone or concrete for counters and backsplashes should be used. 

• Switch out plastic or glass for woven, metal, ceramic, or wood containers.

• Add a wooden bowl of fruit, stones, sea shells, or a ceramic vase of flowers to the kitchen island. 

• Incorporate earthy colors (green, beige, taupe, etc.) into the tile, curtains, or wall colors to create the ideal organic feel.

This design style creates a cozy, haven-like home and a natural yet elegant look. It allows the homeowner to experience comfort and relaxation while inside but still feel connected to the outdoors.

Below are some specific kitchen and bath design tips for incorporating into your home.

These Gorgeous Kitchen and Bath Designs Are Covered in Greenery, Plants, and Natural Touches

Don’t just use items that incorporate floral themes or draw from nature – actually use things from nature in your home! Add live plants and greenery to any room. Bathrooms are especially humid and perfect for certain types of plants.

One of the most underestimated but best natural design elements is sunlight. By enlarging your windows, you can have more natural sunlight pouring in, adding vibrancy to your kitchen or bathroom, and your houseplants will thrive.

Kitchen and bath designs

Talk to someone at a greenhouse or nursery if you don’t have a green thumb or are unsure which plants will work best for your space. They will direct you to the right ones. As a last resort, faux plants are now more realistic and will work well as substitutes.

Additionally, instead of a glass vase, why not exchange it for a ceramic one? Put your trinkets and tchotchkes in storage for a while, and add a beautiful display of your collected stones, shells, or driftwood. Put away the plastic storage bins and find pretty woven baskets or tin containers. The colors and textures keep any room from feeling too cold and modern.

Candles, framed botanical designs, and other artistic touches with muted and soft colors work together beautifully to add warmth and coziness to the walls or shelves of the kitchen or bathroom.

Natural Texture Is All The Rage In Kitchen And Bath Design

Add texture around the room to keep your kitchen and bathrooms from looking cold or unwelcoming. As mentioned earlier, find some comfy woven rattan bar stools for the kitchen island. Instead of a big chandelier, hang one or two woven or jute pendant lights over the island. Lay a sisal, wool, seagrass, or handwoven cotton area rug over the wood plank or tile floor. 

Wicker Hanging Lamp by HKLiving USA

HKliving USA
Wicker hanging lamp – medium — HKliving USA

Natural textures like these are ideal for giving each room a homey, relaxed, lived-in feel. Soft, cozy textiles beg to be touched.

Break up the sharp lines of the cabinets. Add a few live edge shelves in the bath or kitchen instead of closed cabinetry around the room. Install grasscloth wallpaper in soft, muted beige. River rock can be used on the floor of the shower or in other areas of the bathroom. Using textures in wood, twine, faux fur, and stone are some common materials that are incredibly beautiful and effective for creating a natural organic design.

Using Neutral Colors is the Best Kitchen and Bath Design Tip

In today’s natural organic interior designs, you’ll see lots of greens, soft blues, gray, pale buttery yellow, white, tan, greige (a combination of gray and beige), and touches of black. Think of the colors of nature in plants, trees, the ocean, the sky, sand, clouds, and more. Look out your window and choose a few of your favorite colors. Neutral colors are the most effective and easiest way to inject an organic feel into your décor.

Additionally, one of the best choices for your wall color is crisp white or a pale tan or beige. Add touches of faded blue, muted green, pastel pinks, and yellows for a slight pop of color. Clear away any clutter in woven baskets, metal containers, or drawers on countertops. An orderly and tidy space will help you relax and melt away the day’s stress as you lounge in the soaker tub.

Modern Lines, Minimalism & The Trending Kitchen & Bathroom Design Style

Today’s nature-inspired décor takes the place of more traditional furniture and cabinet door styles with its carved wood, dark stain colors, and heavy hardware. Instead, look for sleek silhouettes, simple shapes, and lightweight-looking handles and finishes. Shaker-style cabinet doors or flat panels highlighting the wood grain are ideal. Stay away from heavily carved picture frames or overly ornamental décor for your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen and Bath design tips
Kitchen Design by Design Tech Remodeling

Hand-Crafted Kitchen and Bath Design

Natural décor reflects the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement. If you want to display something in a glass cabinet or on shelves, look for high-quality, one-of-a-kind, handmade items. Toss out (or store for now) things that are plastic, machine-made, or don’t fit into the natural organic feel of the room.

Spend time making artwork with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. Collect rocks, leaves, sticks, etc., and put them in a shadow box or bowl. Have fun finger painting a canvas. Paint one side of leaves and use them to stamp a design. Perfect geometric lines are too stiff and symmetrical, so make something whimsical with curves, shapes, and textures. Go back to the basics and get crafty! It’s the ideal way to relax, express yourself, and spark your imagination.

Award-Winning Kitchen and Bathroom Design-Build Firm Design Tech Remodeling

Ready to make some changes to your home? Design Tech Remodeling hopes you’ve been inspired by these kitchen and bath design tips. With its focus on soft, earthy color palettes and the beauty of nature, it’s no wonder that natural organic kitchens and baths are more popular than ever. Design Tech Remodeling will create a seamless flow from the outdoors to inside your residence.

Design Tech Remodeling
Design Tech Remodeling Hosts “Remodeling 360” airing Saturday mornings during the Builders Showcase & Remodeling Television Show.

Design Tech Remodeling has embraced an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service and the highest quality designs since 1997. For more than twenty-five years, their NARI-certified professionals have offered the residents of southeastern Wisconsin an in-depth knowledge of the building and remodeling industry. They can custom design your vision of your remodeled home to your specifications, needs, and wants.

The Design Process 

At your complimentary in-home consultation, you and the designer will discuss your vision of the remodeled kitchen or bathroom. The professional will tour your home and offer initial suggestions.

The designer will then draft a floor plan for your review, along with a proposal. This preliminary floor plan will incorporate the client’s ideas and the designer’s suggestions regarding the room’s new layout. This design also considers how you and your family use the space.

The staff works with you every step of the way. The designer will guide you, starting with creating the perfect floor plan and then assisting you in choosing the highest quality products and finishes. 

Design Tech Remodeling stays with you until the project is done and you are completely satisfied.

Explore our Photo Gallery and get even more inspiration. Design Tech Remodeling will build the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Call the award-winning Design Tech Remodeling today and learn how to start the process.

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