Smart Kitchen Trends 2021:

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Are you in the market for a newly remodeled kitchen? Do you want to upgrade your space but are not a gourmet chef and unsure where to start? Have you heard about the new appliances that make cooking more fun and cleanup faster and easier? Create your kitchen remodel the smart way, using information from the design experts.

Thanks to several newly available kitchen appliances, the task of making meals every day is becoming more and more simple when you create a kitchen remodel the smart way. These new “smart” appliances can tell what’s in the oven and how long to cook it, remind the homeowner to buy eggs, and – best of all – they can talk to each other.

Increase your home’s IQ and make daily meals easier to cook and clean up after with these updated smart appliances.


New Role for Smart Kitchens

Years ago, houses were designed with a plain kitchen toward the back where food was prepared, and dishes were washed and stored. For today’s families, the kitchen is the home’s focal point at the very center of the floorplan. It now boasts beautiful finishes and cabinetry, and it’s where everyone comes together in the morning or after a long day at school or work.

Floor plans have changed over the years, and it’s important to design your kitchen remodel the smart way, staying aware of technological advances, modern design trends, and essential aspects. Homeowners now want better function, more natural sunlight, and clean and simple styles for their overall look. Frankly, the coronavirus has pushed these trends into high gear, and, in addition, smart appliances are now at the top of everyone’s lists.

The above video includes some smart kitchen technologies included in this clients’ newly remodeled kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Technology Integration

Technology has arrived in the kitchen in full force for more than just fancy gadgets and fun appliances. Today, it’s integrated into just about every device and function (lighting, security, HVAC, etc.), creating the smart kitchen. What was once only thought of as “futuristic” is here.

For example, some refrigerators can alert the homeowner when a food item is running low and automatically re-order it with a food delivery service. Busy families and couples find this feature incredibly useful, not just as an extra “bells and whistles” option.

Kitchen Remodel the Smart Way

Smart kitchen technologyAlthough smart appliances haven’t been around for too long, they are the fastest-growing trend for kitchen remodeling projects. Devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo can set cooking times, read recipes, and answer cooking questions for the novice chef.

Use a Wi-Fi-connected multi-cooker to make dinner or a remotely controlled Alexa-enabled microwave to make popcorn for movie night. Even better, smart robots with onboard cameras can control security systems and vacuum cleaners. Just relax on the couch as the vacuum is activated to clean the living room or kitchen floor and lock the front door.

Here are just a handful of technology-integrated appliances to design your kitchen remodel the smart way:


Smart Refrigerators

Everyone in the family uses the refrigerator. How many times a day does the refrigerator door get opened and closed? Dozens! There’s always someone wanting a drink, a snack, an apple, etc. For one smart refrigerator feature, knock on the touch screen. The screen will become transparent to see inside without opening the door. Keeping the door closed can save on utility bills and keep the fridge’s interior at a steady temperature. And no more sticky door handles.

There are also refrigerators with touch screens to leave notes for family members, check the weather, play music, create grocery lists, order groceries, and so much more. Best of all, it can all be done with a voice command capability and talking through the built-in microphone.

Even more exciting are refrigerators that have an internal camera. Every time the door is opened and closed, it snaps a photo of the interior. Then, while grocery shopping, the contents of the refrigerator can be viewed using a smartphone app. Never repurchase the wrong food because you forgot what you had in the fridge! Smart Fridge

As more families eat at home and cook together, they become more aware of what they eat and how healthy it is. One of the newest ways to design your kitchen remodel the smart way is to install a smart refrigerator with an ethylene gas filter. The filter ensures your fruit and vegetables stay delicious, crisp, and fresh for a longer time. In a standard fridge, perishable foods don’t last long. As they ripen, fruit releases ethylene gas, which speeds up the rotting process. This filter helps to slow down that process.



Ovens for Your Kitchen Remodel the Smart Way

smart ovenNever burn the roast again with a smart oven. One technologically advanced range features a camera inside. The camera, combined with image recognition software, allows the stove to “see” what is cooking. Select from its preprogrammed recipes; press Go, and, once the food is done cooking, get an alert.

One range manufacturer has a feature that turns on, controls, and monitors the oven’s functions using a smartphone for busy families. So, leave a pan of lasagna in the oven in the morning and program it to start baking later in the day, just in time for dinner.

Many ovens also come with safety functions. One smart range connects with the Nest thermostat, knowing whether someone is at home or away. This way, if the oven is on while the Nest is set to “away,” the homeowner will be alerted. How smart is that?




Smart Coffee Makers

Determine everything from brewing style (French press, pour-over, etc.) to grind size to water temperature just by using an app. Or start the brewing process from anywhere in the house with a different and less expensive smartphone app.

Smart Scales

Do you love to bake but hate the pile of dirty measuring cups and spoons at the end of the process? More accurate than measuring by volume, measure by weight with a smart scale. Pour ingredients into the bowl, and it will indicate the right amount. One smart scale also has an app with 500 recipes and can measure ingredients to make less or more.


Smart Thermometers Help to Cook Meat to Perfection

Thanks to a smart thermometer, meat can be roasted or grilled perfectly. A leave-in probe connects to an app to monitor it from just about anywhere. It offers accurate temperature readings and a “time remaining until done” feature. It also allows for setting multiple timers for various dishes.

Another thermometer even talks to let the homeowner know when the food is done.

Kitchen Remodel the Smart Way with Smart Faucets

Due to COVID, hygiene issues are at the front of everyone’s mind, so smart kitchen features such as touchless faucets are rising.

The latest and greatest in technology, smart faucets, can be started by touching any part or just by placing your hand near it. Motion sensors can sense the presence of hands underneath and will come on automatically. After running for two minutes, there is an automatic shut-off when it detects hands are no longer under it.

Additionally, the faucets stay cleaner with no dirty hands using them. The component’s lifespan is increased, too. Best of all, a smart faucet uses 20% less water compared to a standard one. A homeowner can save money on utility bills with reduced tap flow and digital temperature-control settings.

But which faucet is best? The options are endless. There are hi-tech, long taps articulated to better wash all pots and pans, functional, and water-saving fixtures. Eco-friendly filters purify the water and can transform it into a sparkling drink. This smart faucet will reduce the environmental impact caused by the consumption of bottled water and ensure maximum savings.

Smart Sinks

Faucets and sinks are an essential pairing in the kitchen. Functionality in this area will depend on a thoughtful choice when designing your kitchen remodel the smart way.

There are many types of sinks available in materials such as porcelain, steel, copper, etc. Choose a sink with one bowl or two, and either deep or shallow. Sinks can be completely integrated into the countertop, under-mounted, or top-mounted. You can even purchase a sink equipped with a colander or cutting board.

Another kitchen trend is special sinks with – believe it or not – dish cleaning functions. Using the dishwasher every day wastes water and increases utility bills. Therefore, dishwasher manufacturers have invented small dishwashers that fit into the sink and can wash up to ten dishes at a time. The smaller size minimizes water waste by at least ten percent and uses the water pressure, a touch of dishwashing liquid, and hot temperatures to make the dishes sparkle.

Another invention coming soon is an astonishingly more advanced sink that can wash fruits and vegetables wholly and efficiently. To wash off dirt and pesticides and ensure the fruits and veggies are clean, these smart sinks will use gentle vibrations plus water spray from the faucet. No need to touch anything!

Capably Smart Dishwashers

Smart dishwashers are among the newest kitchen trends of 2021. It’s no fun having to unload wet dishes from the dishwasher. But, the latest smart dishwashers have features capable of completely drying the contents before the door is unlatched.

When drying the dishes, this top-rated dishwasher employs zeolite minerals. The manufacturer uses zeolite crystals to absorb most of the moisture content. Then, the crystals are passed through a chemical process to heat them, which drains the remaining moisture.

The zeolite crystals are packed in a sealed chamber in the dishwasher, so it’s difficult to impossible to see them or release them into the dishwasher.

Practical Storage Solutions for Your Smart Kitchen

An annoyance with some kitchen cabinetry is the way shelves and drawers can waste space. Sometimes, the available space is too small for larger appliances like bread makers, crock pots, etc. Other times, it’s just the opposite: the area is too large, and there’s no way to efficiently and adequately organize the drawer or cabinet for smaller gadgets and utensils.

Storage is the foundation of a functional kitchen. There will be countless challenges and frustrations if it is either ineffective or inadequate. Homeowners are looking for better storage solutions within the cabinetry to manage these challenges.

These solutions include roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, appliance garages for small appliances, tray dividers, and pull-out drawers for spices. These make it easier to store everyday items as well as small appliances, food, and drinks.

Then there are options such as wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables. Kitchen storage options focus on making cooking fun and making daily lives effortless.



These are just some of the latest smart kitchen appliances and trends to consider for your kitchen remodel project. The relevance of these intelligent technologies and trends save us the hassle of dealing with mundane yet demanding everyday household chores while juggling our busy lifestyles.

Help make your life more fun and your kitchen chores simpler regardless of how busy you are every day. Consider investing in these advanced kitchen trends and smart technologies for your upcoming kitchen project.


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