2022 Color Trends: The Most Popular Colors in Home Décor?

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Believe it or not, a new year is fast approaching. After so many months of feeling cooped up inside our homes, families are yearning for a fresh start. The mood for the future is hopeful and reflected in the most popular colors for 2022.


Changing your environment is the ideal way to shift your mindset and lighten your mood. Even small changes such as wearing “real” clothes, going out for a meal instead of staying in, and painting a room a new color can make a big difference in your outlook.


2022 Most Popular Colors

The most popular colors for 2022 are showing a shift, too. These hues will make the spaces we spend so much time in look more vibrant yet cozy. There is a movement away from the cool greys and other stark neutrals from the past several years toward more “optimistic” and warmer shades for our surroundings.

2022 Home Colors Will Enhance Your Mood

Being surrounded by pastel tones helps enhance a person’s mood, calm their nerves, and relax them. The most popular colors for 2022 will also provide a boost of confidence and energize the homeowners.

Express yourself and decorate your home using these popular colors – whether just in accents around the room, with furniture or on all four walls. Even better, these colors can look great when used together.

Read on and decide for yourself which of the most popular colors for 2022 are your favorites.

2022 Color Trends Include A Wide Range of Warm Pastel Colors

Most popular colors for 2022

 Photo Credit: Valspar

Starting with a cozy and easy color, Valspar offers a minimalist white called Gilded Linen (or Ghost Story at independent paint retailers) that is ideal for walls. This color will declutter your mind and give you space to breathe. Best of all, Gilded Linen has added softness to create coziness and help the entire room feel more calm and serene.


Sleepy Kisses, also known as Valspar’s Lilac Lane, is a beautiful shade of pale, pastel purple. It is fresh and versatile, refreshing and soothing, and like Gilded Linen, brings softness to any room. It’s important to note that hues in the purple family promote positive mental health and bring out creativity and spirituality. This color will be excellent for a bedroom, a cozy reading area, or a home office.


2022 Trending Color Subtle Peach Gives Modern Vibe

Another of Valspar’s most popular colors for 2022 is called either Subtle Peach or Seven Veils at other paint retailers. A soft pastel, this shade brings us back to the basics. It has a lived-in feel that looks clean, yet its natural quality gives it a modern vibe. The beauty of simple colors in these natural pastel shades provides a room with an uplifted and calming attribute.


Valspar’s beautiful and soft golden yellow tone called Delightful Moon (or Oat and Honey at independent retailers) radiates warmth and is a perfect color for a room that faces north. This hue, reminiscent of a honeycomb, is incredibly sophisticated and expands the natural tones brought into the home to accomplish a warm and sunny environment.


A paint color called Into the Wild at independent retailers and Blanched Thyme at Lowe’s, a natural shade of soft green encourages a calm balance inside your home. As consumers focus on their mental and physical well-being, natural green hues will become an important color to use around the house due to their nourishing and calming feel.


On the Cool Side Colors for 2022

Orchard Ash

One of the most popular colors for 2022 is on the cool side of the spectrum. Shady Lady, also known as Valspar’s Orchid Ash, is pure, clean, and creates a mindset for a hopeful future due to this shade’s simple quality. The hue is light and pure, and its cool undertones make the homeowner feel the cold arctic air and snow.


Another popular cool color is from the Behr paint company and is called Breezeway. This cool silvery-green evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. However, it also represents a desire to discover newfound passions and move forward. Found on the shores of sandy beaches, this color is inspired by naturally stunning green sea glass. The soothing shades and warmer tones of Behr’s Whisper White and the terracotta red of Perfect Penny (not shown) will blend beautifully with this soft green.

Behr paint company and is called Breezeway.

Photo Credit: Behr paint company

The Most Popular Colors for 2022 Are Dark, Too

Valspar's Mountain River

Credit photo: Valspar

Flannel Gray, also known as Valspar’s Mountain River, is a deep and natural hue that feels indulgent. When painted on all four walls, this soft shade creates a safe and secure-feeling space, perfect for a reading nook to escape into a good book. With darker colors used in smaller doses as accents, it adds a touch of luxury and elegance to a room.

Pond Leaves or Valspar’s Grey Suit is a reliable warm shade of grey that can be used in nearly any room of a home. There is a slightly red undertone to this color, which blends well with many accent colors. In times of uncertainty, this is the perfect hue to use.

Creating a space to feel protected and comforted, a paint color called Dockside (at independent dealers) or Rustic Oak from Valspar is a lovely and warm shade similar to copper. Comforting a younger generation in these uncertain times and reminding them of shades from the ’90s, this color is rooted in nostalgia.


Another classic shade from Valspar has a warm depth and Fired Earth, also known as Moon Rock, evokes a feeling of comfort and stability. Consider using this shade as an accent in a bedroom. These dark hues with a dose of warmth add a sense of coziness, making us feel comforted and protected, perfect for a good night’s sleep.


Moon Rock Paint Color

Rustic OakPhoto Credit: Valspar

The most popular colors for 2022 have embraced warm neutrals and brought them back into the house for additional comfort in uncertain times. A Valspar pigment called Sunset Curtains or Warm Alpaca (from independent retail stores) is a familiar and reassuring hue. These tinted neutrals have tranquil qualities and a nostalgic feel without being too overwhelming.


When you want to create a space where you can unwind and relax, use a warm, comforting color called Country Charm from Valspar, also known as Garden Rain at other locations. Even the name feels relaxing and nostalgic. Neutral shades with a slightly muddy feel will add just the right atmosphere to your sanctuary.


The Most Popular Color for 2022 from Sherwin-Williams

After years of using lots of cool neutrals and bold jewel tones, homeowners are looking to warm things up. Another popular color is a sophisticated and nourishing gray-green called Evergreen Fog from Sherwin-Williams.


Evergreen fog paint color

Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

It is an elegant color for areas that crave a stunning yet subtle statement. This hue inspires homeowners to look to the future with hope and is a great choice to modernize and update an office, a living room, or even the entryway of a home. The familiar and comfortable vibe freshens up any room and offers a reassuring backdrop. With a mix of natural-looking textiles, you can create more depth, interest, and texture to the space.


Glidden’s 2022 Color of the Year

Guacamole Paint Color

Photo Credit: Glidden

A soft, ripe avocado-green from Glidden called Guacamole delivers a crowd-pleasing color that’s refreshing and relaxing. More and more often, homeowners are looking for new colors to soothe and calm their homes. Interestingly, Glidden Paint noted that online searches for green-toned and warmer paint colors have doubled since 2020. After months of uncertainty and unprecedented times, this shows our desire for friendly and reassuring surroundings, with a touch of regrowth and rejuvenation.


The Color of the Year from PPG

From PPG, Glidden’s parent company is another enticing yet relaxed green called Olive Sprig. Brightening any space with liveliness, this hue is a neutral, mid-tone green with warm undertones which imitate the colors of a soothing aloe vera plant. Paired with natural materials, this green shade looks beautiful alongside softly curved furniture to create a comfortable and grounded space.


The color can help to encourage focus in an office or create a bedroom sanctuary. It offers the perfect neutral backdrop and pairs beautifully with wood tones and brass accents when used on a kitchen island or lower cabinets.


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