2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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Although kitchens have always been considered the heart of the home, the bathroom is quickly becoming its sanctuary. It’s one of the few places in the house where people can relax, find a bit of privacy, and get some peace and quiet. It’s where to go to concentrate on your health and wellness, too. That’s why it is important to focus on the room’s design and add a few current bathroom remodeling trends.

Due to supply chain issues and product shortages last year, many homeowners are finishing projects they began in 2022. So, many styles and trends that would have started to fade by now remain popular because families are finally enjoying their remodeled homes. As a result, personal customization and design ideas from before 2022 are still driving a lot of bathroom remodeling trends in 2023. This encourages homeowners to design spa-like bathrooms with the luxurious and relaxing bathing experiences they’ve always dreamed of.

Today’s bathroom remodeling trends will continue to build on earlier themes, including using lots of soothing colors, clean and simple lines, and easy-to-maintain natural materials. Another recent trend beginning to shift our interpretations of bathrooms is moving from task-focused rooms to designing spaces created for comfort.

Whether creating a brand new bathroom or simply updating one, here are nine bathroom remodeling trends you’ll want to consider for 2023 and beyond.

  1. Remodel with Wellness and Sustainability

Building your bathroom with sustainability in mind is one of the hottest remodeling issues. Before starting your project, consider choosing energy-efficient LED lighting, tankless water heaters, radiant heat flooring, VOC-free paints and stains, low-flow toilets, FSC-certified cabinetry, and more. Please talk with your builder to be sure they are of the same mindset and will help you choose the best products.

Recent reports from the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and Houzz found that more homeowners are checking Energy Star product labels and using WaterSense-rated appliances to upgrade their bathrooms. The bathroom remodeling trends behind these options are the homeowners’ desire to be more environmentally conscious, use fewer natural resources, and use less electricity and water.

Homeowners can save money on utility bills in the long run by designing and decorating bathrooms with more forethought. Additionally, using natural products such as tumbled stone, hardwoods, handmade tiles, marble, etc., instead of synthetic countertops and sinks or vinyl flooring offers an opportunity to add something permanent and timeless to your home.

Natural materials also make the bathroom feel inviting, relaxing, and warm. It defines the space and can make a luxurious and outstanding statement.

2.            Spa-like Inspiration

As stated earlier, bathrooms have become more of a space to relax and unwind in versus a strictly task-focused room. Today’s bathroom remodeling trends create a spa-like space for adults to care for themselves. A long soak in a comfortable bathtub or an invigorating shower can soothe sore muscles, clear a stuffy nose due to a cold, or ease your mind after a rough day at the office.

The best bathroom designs focus on personalizing the space for your needs and desires. Consider a free-standing soaking tub, a rainfall shower, a steam shower with bench seating, or all of the above. Add open shelving to hold fluffy towels and some live greenery, use soft and soothing colors and dimmable lighting – and you’re on your way to a luxurious and relaxing mental vacation. But don’t forget to create separate spaces for the water closet and storage for all your lotions and cosmetics for even more privacy. There’s no need for someone walk in and disturb you.

3.            The Ideal Walk-In Showers

Bathroom remodeling trends for 2023 include adding an amazing walk-in shower. Reports from Pinterest, the NKBA, and Houzz have all identified increased popularity in upgrading showers in the main bath. Most homeowners want to expand the shower’s size to make enough room for two people and add multiple shower heads, shower seats, body sprayers, and zero-entry floors for future aging-in-place.

But the ideas for great showers aren’t just functional ones. Designs now include accent lighting, sound systems, high-end finishes like satin nickel faucets and shower heads, and stunningly beautiful wall tiles viewable through the glass doors. Some showers feature aromatherapy. This infuses the water and steam with essential oils. Or consider adding chromatherapy – this shower feature uses mood lighting and colors to help you relax. Finally, audio therapy uses speakers connected to various music apps and nature sounds.

While free-standing bathtubs have been the bathroom star for many years, showers are now becoming the room’s focus. While most homeowners do not want to step into a dark, claustrophobia-inducing shower stall, there are no one-size-fits-all sizes. Homeowners can design whatever size shower they’d like!

Frameless glass enclosures allow light to pass through, giving it a much lighter and more airy feel. It can also provide the bathroom with the feeling of more space because you can see through it to the back wall. Curbless showers also make the bathroom look larger. The floor tiles run from one side of the room to the other, right into the shower itself. There’s no step, change of tile, or break, making the bathroom look more streamlined and sleek.

4.            No More Oversized Tubs

Most homeowners want their main bathroom to be a place of relaxation. Now, bathroom remodeling trends mean finding new ways to create a dreamy and Zen respite away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Many older bathrooms have large, often unused, built-in tubs that occupy half the room. Downsizing the bathtub – or removing it altogether – means more space for a larger shower, a double vanity, and expanded linen closets and storage. Removing the tub will open the floor space and create a less crowded and more serene bathroom.

5.            Bathroom Remodeling Trends Include Wood Vanities

The dominant choice for bathroom cabinetry for many years has been white-painted finishes. However, in 2023, the bathroom remodeling trend includes natural wood for cabinets and vanities, so much so that the once-dominating white cabinets are left far behind.

Additionally, cane and patterned wood inserts are a trendy cabinet style for the first time in years. Natural wood tones complement the warm colors and organic styles that are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

Why not choose an interesting vanity? Allow it to create the mood of the room. Look at pieces of furniture like antique dressers or bureaus and repurpose them into the focal point. Mix and match classic and elegant materials with modern details. Add a slab of marble or quartz to the top to protect it from splashed water.

Re-using vintage furniture can warm the room, give it a stylish and elegant feel, and offer sustainability. Natural wood can make a bathroom feel inviting and timeless, too.

6.            Make Your Bathroom Accents Pop

While most homeowners want the main bath to feel soothing and relaxing, it doesn’t have to be boring and overly subdued. During the COVID pandemic, we looked for calming and serene environments. Now, we gravitate toward bold and fun patterns with color and texture.

Families can add geometric shapes and bright accessories on open shelves and pops of color in the bath through textiles and artwork. Accent the neutral and natural color tones with mud cloth prints and jewel-tone colors in cabinet hardware, lighting, mirrors, and tile. Have fun experimenting before choosing the final color, design, etc.

7.            A New Flooring Idea

A unique flooring choice with a fun, retro vibe yet so elegant and chic is terrazzo. Terrazzo can add texture and create depth in any size bathroom. Enhance a neutral palette in a bathroom with this flooring. It’s an ideal way to make a statement without being too overpowering. It can also be used on the walls and inside the walk-in shower.

8.            Top Tile Trends for the Bathroom

Bathrooms need tile for the floors, walls, inside shower stalls, and more. So, like the vanity choice, why not go with something unique? Let your personality shine, and skip the white subway tiles – go with a color or design you love.

If you’re intimidated by bold colors, choose something special for only one wall or a single vertical stripe in the shower. A bold tile here creates a focal point and draws the eye in. Something more daring in the color, pattern, or both, also adds a touch of fun. It allows the homeowner to integrate some playfulness into the room.

The tile can highlight shower designs. Marble is a very popular tile choice, bringing an elevated elegance to the bathroom. Still, the most common tile material is ceramic or porcelain. This tile is highly customizable and very durable. You can keep it timeless and simple or be more creative with patterns and colors and add another dimension to your bath.

9.            Colorful Fixtures

Believe it or not, the design trends of the 1970s are returning. Homeowners are drawing inspiration from wicker furniture, disco balls, and the eclectic and wild interior designs of yore. So, it makes sense that, after decades of whitewashed interiors, homeowners are embracing color in many different ways in various rooms – including the main bathroom.

One of the newest bathroom remodeling trends is the return of colorful porcelain plumbing fixtures. Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets are now available from Kohler and other manufacturers in colors like green, peach, blue, and more. But don’t worry – this trend of colorful plumbing is done in a more modern and sophisticated way. It is part of the remodeling trend for homeowners looking to be expressive and want more colorful home décor. It’s a great way to inject character and personality into their spaces.

Using a non-traditional color sink is one of the best ways to elevate a small space like a powder room. Pairing a colorful sink with a bold wall color adds drama and pop.

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