There is an old saying: “The only constant thing in life is change.” While that may be true, families struggling with an ever-changing world want less change and more stability, comfort, and better function in their homes. On the other hand, 2023 remodeling trends are also emerging with a renewed interest and optimistic energy toward adding texture, pattern, and color. So what should you do?

A rewarding aspect of owning a home is the opportunity to make your home reflect and work for you and your family. Whether it’s a simple adjustment to the wall color in a bedroom or a major renovation to the kitchen, it can make a huge impact on how you feel and function in it.

Professional designers agree that the COVID pandemic affected how families worked and spent time at home. However, those adjustments are still with us today. Therefore, increasing the comfort and functionality of their homes is high on the list of renovations for many homeowners.

So, get inspired to incorporate some of these 2023 remodeling trends. First are some overall changes to make in your home, and then, a few specific ideas for kitchens and bathrooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces Continue to Be the Trend

Bringing the outdoors in and vice versa is an ideal way to make your home feel more comfortable and larger. Adding sliding glass doors, French doors, or large picture windows will let in lots of natural light and maximize the view. Consider adding live plants to your interior décor or landscape artwork or floral wallpaper to help you connect to nature.

Homeowners are increasingly using their backyards and front porches to expand their living spaces. One of the top 2023 remodeling trends for accommodating outdoor activities like exercising, cooking, and entertaining is to add shade structures and comfortable furniture to the yard. 

Also, consider including unique features such as fire pits, fountains, concrete or wood patios or decks, and beautiful landscaping. This offers friends and family members room to lounge, relax, and enjoy warm and cool weather hobbies and interests.

Consider exchanging your double-hung windows for a sliding door to the backyard, offering more sunlight to your home’s interior. Add an outdoor deck or patio to make indoor-outdoor living easier for your family.

Other outdoor 2023 remodeling trends include projects for installing outdoor kitchen and dining areas, bars, entertainment systems for music and lighting, and heat lamps for cold spring and fall evenings.

2023 Remodeling Trends Include Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

For the past few years, there has been an upward shift toward homeowners wanting to use energy-efficient products and sustainable building materials. Families search for manufacturers who construct windows, appliances, insulation, drywall, and other products using long-lasting materials in environmentally friendly ways. When remodeling and updating their residences, homeowners want to reduce their utility bills, waste less water, and have an eco-friendlier home.

Solar panels, Smart HVAC systems, adding insulation and low-flush toilets can lower costs, save energy, and be eco-friendly. Best of all, using energy-efficient products is becoming more popular with 2023 remodeling trends, especially because eco-friendly items are now much easier to find.

Home Office Built-Ins

People are working from home more than ever, and 2023 remodeling trends reflect that. Whether a homeowner is upgrading an existing space or building a dedicated home office area, organization, and storage are top priorities.

Using built-in shelving allows for display space and keeping the office clean and tidy. There will be fewer interruptions and a better workflow if the working adult can find everything they need without digging through paperwork. Additionally, if the homeowner is a therapist, consultant, tutor, etc., and meets clients in their home office, a clean workspace is more conducive to a positive gathering.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrade Trends for 2023

Homeowners are focusing on the most functional and practical remodeling projects for their homes in 2023. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades continue to be their priority because of the high use of these rooms. Families want to increase the number of light fixtures, switch out countertops, update cabinetry, add more energy-efficient appliances, and create a better workflow.

Cabinetry will have custom and built-in features to assist the homeowner with keeping everything put away and looking clean. Things like hidden dishwashers, pantry doors, and even refrigerators will blend in with the surroundings and become invisible, giving the kitchen a streamlined, modern look.

2023 Remodeling Trends for Kitchens

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a kitchen “ideal.” Do you want a “wow” kitchen for entertaining? Would you prefer the kitchen to be more casual and relaxed for the family to hang out in? Or do you love to cook or bake and need a chef’s kitchen with all the bells and whistles? Here are some remodeling trends to remember while you plan your new space.

The Elegant Farmhouse

Kitchen remodeling by Design Tech Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling by Design Tech Remodeling

The modern farmhouse has been a popular look for the past several years, but this takes it up a notch with a bit of luxury. It still includes furniture-style islands, shaker cabinets, and apron-front sinks. But this style now adds stone backsplashes instead of tile, touches of dramatic colors instead of only cream and white, and oversized range hoods to accommodate 6-burner stoves.

Modern Spanish

An updated Spanish style is also increasing in popularity. Use terra-cotta floor tiles, hand-painted tiles for the backsplash, and arched doorways and range hoods. Add butcher block countertops, an old-world style with a contemporary twist, and you’ll have the perfect Modern Spanish flair.

Rustic yet Modern

This style of the kitchen offers a feeling of welcome and warmth. The rustic yet modern style uses natural materials with stone counters and backsplashes, light and natural wood cabinets, woven backed chairs at the island, and rattan lamp shades to give off a cozy and casual look.

Using natural materials in the kitchen is always in style, but with the 2023 remodeling trends, it’s becoming even more popular. “Real” materials add texture, authenticity, and character. For example, homeowners now prefer to install marble tile backsplashes and stone or quartzite countertops instead of engineered quartz or manufactured finishes. The most popular cabinet styles are trending to natural white oak and walnut and away from the all-white kitchen, which can feel cold and sterile.

Many homeowners are looking for a soft, warm home that offers a relaxing and restful environment. Therefore, when remodeling their kitchens and baths, they choose subtle patterns, light wood tones, and brass or bronze handles for the cabinetry. These choices give each room a more soothing and peaceful feel. 

Blue or Green For Kitchens

Although white and grey remain popular for the kitchen, homeowners often pick a color palette from blue or green hues when straying from those. According to Houzz, when choosing a contrasting color for their island, 26% of homeowners select blue, with green quickly gaining popularity.

Light and dark shades of blue or green create a rich, warm feeling and look great with brass finishes and light wood details.

Island Seating Gets Creative in 2023

Traditionally, the casual seating at a kitchen island is a row of bar stools along one side, usually facing the back wall. But 2023 remodeling trends are switching that up to accommodate various needs. This includes a space for the ability to sit face to face or with a two-tiered design that consists of a lower table top for small children or wheelchairs, etc., along with a higher counter for doing homework or crafts.

Island shapes and sizes do not have to be square or rectangular. Designers can create islands with features and profiles to fit the family’s needs and wants.

Commercial Faucets, Workstation Sinks, and Induction Cooktops  

Many families enjoy the time they cook together. But “home chefs” are looking at commercial kitchen features for inspiration for their homes. For example, many faucet manufacturers have new lines that blend modern and industrial styles to reflect the interest in commercial kitchen upgrades. Workstation sinks installed on islands or in other kitchen work areas is also trending. Although this idea has been around for a long time, homeowners have finally realized that having a second sink (offered in various styles and sizes) is ideal when straining, chopping, or prepping foods or when more than one cook is working in the kitchen.  

Induction cooktops use magnetic induction to heat pots and pans using electricity. The benefit is that – compared to gas or electric cooktops – the pans heat more quickly and will cook more evenly.   

Although induction cooktops work with many kinds of cookware, they don’t work with everything. Stainless steel, metal, and cast iron are perfect, so you may need to purchase new pots and pans. 

2023 Remodeling Trends in Bathrooms  

Many homeowners look beyond having a simple washroom when upgrading and remodeling their bathrooms. They want a relaxing, spa-like experience and to feel pampered. 

Trends continue offering walk-in showers, free-standing bathtubs, double vanities and sinks, and fancy features like marble tile, crystal chandeliers, and surround sound. There are even mirrors with built-in television screens to watch the news while brushing your teeth.

Showers with Special Features

New Technology in Bathrooms
Brookfield Zen Master Suite Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Homeowners desire special features in their main showers and prefer multiple shower heads with various spray settings, like rain, warm mist, or deep massage. They also want a handheld sprayer to bathe without getting their hair wet or to help shave their legs or manscape.  

Having a shower with a handheld sprayer also makes it easier to wash down shower walls or give the dog a quick bath if you are a pet owner.

Best of all, consider installing a curbless shower. Although they’ve been popular for a while, this is an important aspect of aging-at-home.

 If, in the future, you have mobility issues or use a wheelchair, it is ideal not to have to maneuver over a step. Often the shower floor has a different material or a smaller-sized tile to provide a non-slip surface. However, designers are beginning to use the same flooring everywhere to create a streamlined and sleek effect that makes the room look larger.

2023 Remodeling Trends for Bathrooms Also Include Natural Materials 

Just like in kitchens, bathrooms are experiencing a surge in the use of natural materials. This means stone countertops, flooring and walls, and natural wood vanities. A bathroom is also the ideal location for ferns and other water-loving plants. Hang or place the plants near a window for some sunlight.

Colors for the Bathroom

Again, similar to kitchens, bathrooms are trending away from all white by adding touches of blue and green. This can help a bathroom feel less sterile without being too bold or over the top.

Begin with an all-white bathroom (still the first choice for most homeowners) and add a contrasting color. Jet black and navy blue vanities or accent tiles are gaining popularity and look fantastic against crisp white. Dark colors create some drama, while white keeps the mood light and airy. Warm it up with brass finishes or wood-look tile flooring.

However, a growing interest is also in using strong colors in bathrooms. Because some bathrooms are small, many homeowners decide to take a chance and try a bold wall color. After all, it’s easy to change if they don’t like it! Or add a pop of personality with a wild or vibrant patterned wallpaper to a half bath. Have fun with it.

Design Tech Remodeling

No matter what 2023 remodeling trends are forecasted, the most important thing to remember is to choose what makes sense for your family. Prioritize projects for your home and note how your home can ultimately function better for everyone. If a particular trend doesn’t fit your family’s lifestyle, don’t add it to your project.

The professionals at Design Tech Remodeling have been assisting clients in southeastern Wisconsin for more than 25 years. They can determine the perfect style, design, and features for your new bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodeling project. The staff will put their skills and knowledge to work for you to design the space you’ve always dreamed of.

The designers will educate and guide you to make the best possible decisions. You will start with a free consultation to discuss your ideas, needs, and wants and work together to create the floor plan you love. The staff will keep you informed every step of the way throughout the remodeling process.

Contact the award-winning Design Tech Remodeling professionals and begin your dream remodeling project today!

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