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Are you thinking of home remodeling and renovation projects but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you have too many ideas – or not enough?

Finding the inspiration for a home update can be different for every person. Sometimes it’s seeing a tile or fabric pattern, a specific color, or looking at your favorite piece of art that will spark your creativity. Knowing the feeling you want – warm and cozy, elegant and glamorous, or modern and eclectic – can also help you remodel your home.

If you’re looking for ideas for your home remodeling and renovation, Design Tech Remodeling can help. This award-winning remodeling firm stays up to date on all the latest technology and newest home designs and trends to help its clients create the best kitchens, bathrooms, and basements for their lifestyles.

Home remodeling and renovation

Kitchen by Design Tech Remodeling

Below are several ideas, suggestions, and photos to provide plenty of inspiration for your upcoming home remodeling and renovation projects.

Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas for Kitchens

Families have spent more time together at home throughout the past two years due to COVID. They use their kitchens not just for preparing meals but also for doing schoolwork, as a home office, or enjoying fun crafts together. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the top home remodeling and renovation projects involve the kitchen. Here are eight ideas to inspire you to update your kitchen.

1. Lots of Windows

The best way to create a bright kitchen is to add more windows. Let the sunshine in with windows along an entire wall or two. Your kitchen becomes a space filled with fresh air, beautiful views, and sunlight. When you add a walk-in pantry and more storage in an island base, you can eliminate wall cabinets and install windows instead.

Renovated kitchen by Design Tech Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Bring the outside in with windows framed by backyard trees and plants. Wisconsin winters keep families indoors for long periods, and a view of the outdoors can lower stress levels and reduce “cabin fever.”

2. Larger and Harder Working Islands

For many years, kitchen islands have been rising in popularity. In recent home remodeling and renovation projects, islands are getting larger and taking on more duties than ever before. They offer extra counter space and provide additional storage for the family to use as a place to do schoolwork, have fun with crafts, put together a puzzle, or even use as a home office.

Many islands also include a prep area with a sink and a trash bin. Or, consider adding a microwave and mini-fridge so family members and guests can grab a snack without getting in the chef’s way.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel – Design Tech Remodeling (See the full project)

Bathroom remodeling ideas by Design Tech Remodelihng

Mequon Contemporary Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

This Mequon kitchen remodeling project expanded the space to include a large island. This allowed for additional storage, more seating, and prep room. Note the herringbone pattern of the backsplash and the waterfall design of the island countertop. The island also includes a prep sink and microwave installed low enough for the kids to use for after-school snacks.

3. Kitchen Cabinetry and Storage

Another important addition to home remodeling and renovation ideas is the right storage strategy. This contributes to a much more functional – and tidy – kitchen. Although the primary purpose of a cabinet hasn’t changed, there are now many ways to use them more efficiently.

Rollout shelves help move items forward from the back of the cabinet. Organize pots and pans, plates, cookie sheets, and bowls by adding dividers. Never lose your spatulas or serving spoons again when you use drawer inserts. Designate space for your aluminum foil, paper towels, and everything you need to keep handy while cooking.

4. A More Casual Looking Kitchen

According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, all-white kitchens remain the most popular. However, a layered look is gaining interest in recent home remodeling and renovation styles. In 2022, kitchen designs are becoming more casual.

The overall look of the kitchen is more laid-back and softer, with muted and pastel paint colors, a mix of cabinet styles, and the use of raw wood tones. This layered design provides visual texture and keeps the eye moving around the kitchen. It also creates the feeling that the homeowner put together the kitchen over time as they collect items to add.

Natural materials are often used, such as a soapstone island countertop, a wood ceiling and island base, and handmade tiles for the backsplash.

5. Linear Backsplash Tiles

Keeping a traditional look for a home remodeling and renovation for the kitchen, homeowners often choose white cabinets. For the backsplash, white subway tiles have always been a classic trend. However, wanting to add a modern twist, selecting the larger 4×12-inch subway tile is now leading the pack.  

Although they lend a timeless appeal, the long rectangular shape also creates a contemporary style. Install the tiles in a stacked, linear pattern versus the brick pattern for a more modern vibe. Laying them in a herringbone pattern will also offer something even more special.

6. Engineered Quartz Countertops

Many homeowners are turning to durable engineered quartz for countertops in their home remodeling and renovation projects. Marble continues to be a classic choice, but in a high-trafficked kitchen, it can sometimes be more difficult to maintain.

However, quartz can be designed with a marble-look style, which blends its durability with marble’s light, bright, and elegant look. It’s a win-win!

7. Lantern-style Lighting

Many homeowners choose oversize pendants to hang above the island to make a design statement in their kitchen. But a large drum shade may block sightlines in the rest of the kitchen or the view through the windows.

You can still make a statement without obstructing views with large, lantern-like pendants. The frame fills up the visual space of a large room but won’t block views of the range hood, the windows, or any special features of your home remodeling and renovation.

The lantern offers a classic yet modern feel, with its open frame and black metal. These styles of light fixtures work with any kitchen design, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or something in between.

Transitional White Kitchen Remodel – Design Tech Remodeling (See the full project)

Home remodel and renovation

Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

This Mequon homeowner wanted better site lines from the kitchen to the family room. Taking down the wall and adjusting the entry points into adjoining areas gave the homeowners the open concept they desired. Not wanting to block any of the views, these homeowners chose lantern-style lights which match the cabinet and drawer pulls and offer a touch of sophistication.


8. White Kitchens

For many years, a completely white kitchen has been the top choice for most home remodeling and renovation projects. This color palette is uplifting, bright, and provides a clean, fresh feel. White cabinets can help a small kitchen feel larger, too.

On the other hand, an all-white kitchen can sometimes feel too sterile, stark, or cold. It’s also the most challenging kitchen for some homeowners to keep looking clean.

Recently, designers are finding new ways to add softness, more balance, and some texture and character to all-white kitchens. They incorporate details such as handmade tile for backsplashes, shiplap or beadboard for the walls, raw wood accents on island cabinets, and natural textures like rattan or wicker on seating.


Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas for Bathrooms

As mentioned earlier, families have spent more time together at home due to COVID. This trend makes parents view their main bedroom en suite as their getaway from the world (and kids). The second-most home remodeling and renovation project involves updating the main bathroom. Here are seven ideas to inspire you.

Main Bathroom Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Bathroom remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

  1. Marble for a Spa-Like Feel

Although marble may not be the first choice for busy kitchen counters, it can create a spa-like feel in the master bathroom. Marble is timeless, cool, and elegant when installed on walls. However, it may become too slippery on wet floors, so be careful. Instead, choose smaller ceramic tiles for inside the shower and the bathroom floor. According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, marble and marble-looking tiles for bathrooms are rising.

Spa Master Bathroom Remodel – Design Tech Remodeling (See the full project)

Bathroom renovation

Mequon Spa Master Bathroom by Design Tech Remodeling. 

A variety of shapes and sizes in this tile transform a bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Whether the homeowner is taking a long, luxurious bath or an invigorating shower to start the day, this high-end, tranquil room feels elegant and bright. These Mequon homeowners are thrilled with the update.

2. Better Storage

Like in updated kitchens, the best bathroom designs include great, functional storage. The best home remodeling and renovations in master bathrooms offer a mix of closed and open storage and cabinets with drawers.

To keep your main bathroom always looking neat and clean:

  • Consider features like an in-drawer outlet for your hairdryer.
  • Add a pullout laundry hamper.
  • Design special storage for towels and linens, and put inserts in drawers to keep cosmetics and lotions organized and not cluttering up the counter.

3. Elegant Style

While the latest kitchen design trends lean toward a more casual feel, elegance and sophistication is the top trend in master bathrooms. This look includes crystal chandeliers, dramatic black accents, and rich wood tones. Classic finishes such as polished nickel, gold, and marble complete the look.

The square footage of master bathrooms is growing as well. This allows room to relax, read the latest bestseller, and soak in a tub without feeling cramped.

4. Freestanding Bathtubs

One of the biggest debates homeowners have regarding the main bathroom is whether or not to keep the bathtub or convert it into a walk-in shower. But, those who love a long soak in a tub refuse to give it up!

bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

The most recent home remodeling and renovations in master bathrooms include both. Homeowners want a walk-in shower AND a separate, freestanding bathtub. This means the possibility of removing a closet or pushing out a wall to make enough room.

5. Speaking of Showers

There are “tub people” and “shower people.” If one of you loves a good, long soak to relax at the end of the day, the other inevitably loves an invigorating shower. So, to be fair to you both, when deciding on your home remodeling and renovation, it’s important to include multiple body sprays and dual shower heads inside the walk-in shower. This will turn a simple shower into a luxurious pampering experience.

It is also highly recommended to install a handheld sprayer. This is perfect for washing pets and kids, rinsing the shower walls, or – for aging-in-place – it gives you the ability to bathe while seated.

6. Heated Floors

One of the most requested home remodeling and renovations is heated floors in the main bathroom. Stepping out of a relaxing bath or shower onto a cold tile floor can ruin the luxurious experience. Heated floors are relatively simple to install and inexpensive as long as they are added during the remodeling project. Just don’t wait to think about it after the project is complete!

7. More Aging in Place Ideas

When remodeling a forever home, homeowners need to think ahead to their golden years. This means incorporating several universal design principles to assist with future accessibility. Fortunately, many products are attractive as well as functional.

For example, grab bars inside the shower and near the bathtub can be finished in matte black, bronze, or gold. They can be used to hang a towel until needed as a grab bar. Other design features like shower benches and non-slip flooring are already stylish and desired by homeowners of any age.

Cabinetry can eventually be removed from under sinks to accommodate wheelchairs. And curbless showers are ideal for those with mobility issues.

Design Tech Remodeling

Are you searching for a top-rated remodeling company that creates designs with superb craftsmanship and high-end products offering beauty, sophistication, and luxury? Since 1997, Design Tech Remodeling’s goal has been to propose solutions to southeastern Wisconsin residents which add value to their homes. The results are astonishing!

Contact their award-winning NARI-certified designer today. Start your journey to a more updated and luxurious home. You’ll hire the best of the best because the entire staff stays on top of the latest trends while using the finest building methods. Your home will finally reflect what you’ve always dreamed of.  

Located in Mequon, Wisconsin, let Design Tech Remodeling customize your space using their vast industry knowledge, outstanding experience, and award-winning designs. They can help you enjoy your upgraded lifestyle. Make an appointment today!

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