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We’re nearing the halfway point of 2021, and if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, there are some great new cabinetry trends to discover. Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of designs. From colors and door styles to designing the layout, adding a few of these fresh ideas to your plans will turn your new kitchen into a showstopper.

When making selections for your project, it’s important to think ahead, especially with cabinetry. Purchasing kitchen cabinets is a significant investment and the focal point of your kitchen. The last thing you want is to have the kitchen cabinets look outdated or for your family to outgrow the space in just a few years.

To help you make a few decisions, here are some cabinetry trends that will look amazing for years to come. Use the following ideas as inspiration, and enjoy your new kitchen!

2021 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the hub and heart of the home, so don’t be afraid to give it some drama. Don’t settle for boring cabinets, plain backsplash tiles, or ordinary countertops. There are many exciting and creative styles and trends to choose from.

At one time, kitchen cabinets were simple wooden boxes hung on the walls for storing (or hiding) pots, pans, dishes, and other kitchen supplies wherever they would fit. Today, however, cabinetry is also about displaying decorative knickknacks, cookbooks, specialty glassware, etc., offering friends and family a place to gather and adding some bold touches to the home’s décor. 

Therefore, in 2021, feel free to mix both modern and traditional looks with your kitchen cabinets. Open shelves are still popular but are being installed more sparingly. Especially in modest-sized kitchens, just using lower cabinets will give the space a feeling of expanse and lightness. Cabinets with glass doors can also make a small area feel larger and give you the chance to show off your collection of antique cookie jars. 

Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Frankly, installing kitchen cabinets with glass doors is the perfect middle-ground. Halfway between traditional cabinets and open shelves, glass panels lighten the look of upper cabinets and also offer an opportunity for display. The illusion of open space enhances an area to create a larger and brighter kitchen, especially when you add interior lights.Glass doors on kitchen cabinets

A few glass doors work well when you want to lighten and brighten your kitchen. These cabinets can look modern or traditional, depending on the hardware and overall kitchen design. Because many families are eliminating their assortment of granny’s antique dishware, the use of china cabinets in the dining room is also waning. The few pieces kept for display can now be highlighted behind glass-doored kitchen cabinets.


Slab Style Kitchen Cabinets

Slab kitchen cabinetsIf you love the look of a modern or contemporary kitchen, then invest in slab cabinet doors. They look incredibly sleek, smooth, and some don’t even need doorknobs or handles. Slab kitchen cabinets are available in a high gloss, wood, or matte finish and are flat and frameless.

This look is part of the minimalist design trend. The cabinets are a great way to modernize your kitchen and are especially popular for smaller spaces. Add a muted backsplash, simple stone counters, and a patterned tile floor to have the modern kitchen of your dreams.

It’s not necessarily the right look for every home, but slab-style doors are quickly becoming more popular.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

The transitional design style can be confusing and highly subjective, depending on whom you talk to. The simplest definition is that transitional style is the mixing of new with old. It’s when a homeowner or designer updates a traditional look by pairing it with something more modern.

For example, to create a transitional kitchen, the homeowner can use a more traditional cabinet design (i.e., raised panel) but add contemporary handles and pulls. Or, they can design a kitchen with modern cabinets and add an antique display cabinet with a traditional feel.Brookfield WI Transitional Kitchen

Transitional kitchen cabinets are great for traditionally-styled homes to give them an updated look. You’ll see more transitional kitchens in remodeled homes than in newly built houses.

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

In the past few decades, stained natural wood cabinets or white cabinetry seemed to dominate. However, in 2021, kitchens are getting more colorful.

While stained wood kitchen cabinets will always remain popular, some homeowners are getting bolder and want a pop of color, especially in more traditional kitchens.

The trend is moving away from beige, tan, and warm colors. Today, cool tones are dominating, and grey, green, and even blue cabinets are becoming more popular.

For 2021, here are a few of the best colors with which to make your kitchen trendy:

Blue Kitchen Cabinets are Classic 

A high-contrast look is gaining popularity, with dark backsplashes and counters against white cabinets, or vice versa. Therefore, it only makes sense that blue is a star player. Most blue cabinets aren’t bright cobalt or a primary blue, but a gray-based navy. This makes them almost a neutral color but still fun. 

Pale blue kitchen cabinets are also perfect for homeowners who want to create a more relaxed or beachy feeling – but be careful when choosing blue hues and stick to those with gray undertones.

White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinetsPeople love white cabinets. They can look modern and sleek or traditional. White tends to open and brighten up a kitchen that feels dark or small. White cabinets also work well with many popular styles, from contemporary to industrial to farmhouse. 

White kitchen cabinets also offer flexibility when choosing finishes. They can be dressed up for a high-end look or toned down for a rustic country feel. White cabinets have been trendy for decades and will be for years to come. Feel free to add a dynamic backsplash or a colorful floor for bold touches.

Green Kitchen Cabinetry is Earthy

2021 kitchen trends are all about the unexpected. That includes green kitchen cabinets. But not bright lime green, like a Granny Smith apple. Choose either a deep, emerald green or, if you’re into a retro 70s look, try a muted olive green. Both colors are very trendy right now and can create a dramatic look, whether you want something vintage, contemporary, or traditional.

Add a contrasting countertop and backsplash in hues of pale purple, pinks, or multi-colored tiles with any shade of green cabinetry if you love quirkiness. Or use a muted gray or white backsplash and floor to complete your green kitchen cabinets and tone down the color a bit.

Two-Toned Cabinets

The best of both worlds are two-toned kitchen cabinets. Generally, two-toned kitchens are designed with dark-colored base cabinets and white or very light-colored upper cabinets.

This is #1 on the Hot List for 2021 kitchen cabinet designs. This interior design trick is starting to be used more and more, and single-colored cabinetry is becoming a thing of the past. It’s an ideal way to incorporate more texture and color into your space. It’s also a design idea that guests will not forget!Cedarburg, WI Kitchen Remodeling by Design Tech

Lower cabinet colors are often grays and blues. But as mentioned earlier, popular hues such as purple, green, and canary yellow have also been popping up. Using white or light-colored upper cabinets allows enough contrast and neutrality to allow for bolder colors on your base cabinets. Additionally, darker cabinet colors used above can make the ceiling seem lower than it is, so keep the lightest color on top. 

When you have a two-tone kitchen, your backsplash and flooring options are limitless. Find a patterned backsplash with both colors to tie the upper and lower cabinets together. However, consider installing a simple wood-look floor not to add too much color and pattern.

Gray Cabinets are Sticking Around

Gray is the perfect choice for homeowners who want a neutral color but aren’t fans of white kitchens. The most popular choices you’ll see are light gray cabinets and dark gray grout for the tile backsplash, which will pull all the shades together. Whether you’re looking for a blue-gray, dark gray, or light gray, the cabinets of your dreams are easily available. Basic gray is a modern color that can be used and embellished throughout your entire home.

Have fun with your gray cabinets by adding a colorful, unique backsplash.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen CabinetsThe popularity of natural wood cabinets is also on the rise. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to bring nature into their homes. Part of the appeal is that it offers a more minimalist look in the kitchen without feeling too stark.

Natural wood cabinets are usually light and left unstained or finished with a clear coat. 

Kitchens with these cabinets are usually modern, making it easier to add unique backsplashes, countertops, and flooring. Consider bamboo floors, butcher block counters, recycled glass countertops, etc.

As we become more eco-conscious, raw wood continues to be very popular. Plus, natural wood is an outstanding partner for any décor style and color.

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Trends 2021

If the layout is all wrong, what’s the use of having gorgeous kitchen cabinets? Optimize and streamline your kitchen floorplan with these ideas for 2021 and beyond. 

Mixed Cabinet Styles

What is a mixed cabinet layout? It’s using upper cabinets that are one style and base cabinets in a completely different style. This creates a unique kitchen layout that draws the eyes up and around the room. Mixing cabinets can make spaces feel larger and provide an eye-catching design, similar to using two-toned kitchen cabinets.

In 2021, this trend is prevalent and making a huge splash. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

Using floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is an excellent solution to expand storage space. If you’re dreaming of having a pantry, cabinets can be installed, so your food storage is easily accessible and convenient. Floor to ceiling cabinetry

Cabinets to the ceiling also help the room feel taller and eliminate dust and grime from collecting on top. Consider creating a unique design element in your kitchen by varying the cabinet sizes across an entire wall. Tall cabinetry works excellent for large kitchens but can make the space feel over-crowded if it’s small. Better to add a wall of cabinets in a nearby dining area instead.

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Features

Kitchen cabinets are no longer just places to stash your extra dishes and unused small appliances. Today’s trends will help homeowners stay organized.

Kitchen trends aren’t just about style. Lately, storage solutions and built-ins are also a hot topic. They allow your counter space to stay uncluttered and manage all your kitchen items. There are hundreds of cabinet options available that hide microwaves, mixers, bread makers, trash cans, and much more!

Cabinet manufacturers also add spice racks, bread boxes, plate racks, pull-out trays, and even narrow cabinets for baking sheets. Choose your most important features to create your ultimate kitchen! 

Extra Deep Cabinet Drawers

Manufacturers are now providing extra deep drawers for items that homeowners don’t want to be stored on open shelves or left on the counter.

Extra deep drawers can store dishware, crockpots, pots and pans, and all the things you want to reach more easily. No more reaching high above your head to get that mixing bowl.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Does your kitchen have awful lighting? Under-cabinet lights provide extra task lighting while you’re cooking or light the way when looking for a late-nightkitchen cabinet lighting snack in the dark. LED light strips can be placed under the kitchen island countertop, under upper or lower cabinets, or anywhere you choose. 

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Today, kitchen islands have storage solutions built right into them.

New kitchen islands are larger and more practical with seating, outlets, and drawers. No longer used just for extra meal prep space, kitchen islands are now homework areas, craft spaces, and hang-out spots for friends and family. Be sure to have additional outlets installed on the island, not only for kitchen appliances but also for laptops and charging cell phones.

Two Kitchen Islands

Believe it or not, the next trend for 2021 incorporates two islands in the kitchen. Having two islands eliminates awkward situations and too much floor space in a generous kitchen and provides more prep area, storage, and additional seating away from the main work area. Double islands in a kitchen also add a dramatic effect and create more design ideas. If you have room, consider adding another island!

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