Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Luxury Kitchen Remodeler

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You’ve been scrolling Pinterest, viewing YouTube videos, paging through your favorite home and garden magazines, watching every remodeling program on HGTV, and asking friends for their opinions and input. You’ve finally gathered enough ideas and feel ready to make your dream kitchen a reality. So, what’s the first step? Who should you call to start the remodeling process? Of course, you need a luxury kitchen remodeler.


Hiring a luxury kitchen remodeler can help you avoid design flaws and dodge many costly mistakes. Professional designers know the latest styles and trends and the best values. They can create a functional and well-thought-out space and will know how to increase your property value with smart choices.

However, without the right professional guidance, you may make design decisions and product selections you’ll regret. A luxury kitchen remodeler is the partner you need to make your kitchen dreams come true. 

Here are 10 reasons to hire a luxury home remodeling firm

1. Professionalism 

A luxury home remodeling firm will provide experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the complexities of home remodeling projects.

Working with a luxury kitchen designer can also help you avoid design mistakes like bad lighting, a poor layout, or a lack of functionality. 

A professional designer will create a beautiful and functional layout to meet your needs. Do you want a chef’s kitchen? Do you need a large pantry or walk-in closet to store your kitchen gadgets? Are you hoping to have seating for six around the island? Just think of the great parties you’ll throw or the family holidays you’ll host in your newly remodeled kitchen. Maybe you want to add a cozy nook to drink your morning coffee or can’t wait to take down the wall between the kitchen and den. Let a professional do the design work, and you’ll never regret it.

2. Expertise

Expertise in plumbing, electrical, interior design, and carpentry are invaluable during large-scale remodeling projects. Luxury home remodeling firms can provide experienced tradespeople who already have a working knowledge of these areas and can do the job correctly and with outstanding craftsmanship. 


Trade Experts at Design Tech Remodeling

A luxury kitchen designer will also ensure the best use of your space and create the ideal floor plan for you and your family.

Luxury Home Remodeling Designers


Design Tech Remodeling Luxury Home Remodelers

Whether you are removing walls for a more open feeling, adding a powder room or laundry area, or making a major change within the existing square footage, a professional kitchen designer has the expertise, product knowledge, and experience to work wonders. Increase your satisfaction with the final product by working with a firm that pays attention to the details and can guide you through the process from concept to completion.

3. Attention to detail 

High-end remodeling projects call for precision and exactness that requires much attention to detail. Hiring a luxury home remodeling firm to complete your project will ensure that every part of the job is done to the highest standards.

Are you overwhelmed walking into a tile, appliance, or flooring showroom? Do you know what questions to ask or what to look for? Do you know the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles? Can you read blueprints or floor plans? 

A luxury kitchen designer can narrow down your choices, knows what will work best for your lifestyle and budget, and help you make the final decisions with less stress.

4. Safety

Due to the size of some home remodeling projects, safety can become an issue. Luxury home remodeling firms are trained to follow safety protocols to keep clients and workers safe.

Especially if you’re considering a wall removal, a significant layout change, or an addition, hiring a professional designer and remodeler is essential. This will ensure a safe remodeling project and create the best use of space and function with an incredible design. 

Hiring the right luxury kitchen designer will also ensure the proper flow between rooms and that your appliances and cabinets will function properly. Additionally, a professional will be able to determine whether a wall is load-bearing. Don’t risk the ceiling caving in by removing a wall without an expert’s assistance.

Transform your residence from just okay to wow with a kitchen remodeling professional. Opening walls, reorganizing rooms, and updating flooring can increase the value of your home and make it a more comfortable living space for your family.

5. Timely completion

Home remodeling


With their extensive experience, luxury home remodeling firms know how to meet deadlines so that the remodeling project is completed in the time agreed to with the client. 

Whether you want a taller countertop to work better with your height, add cabinetry deep enough to fit your extra-large pans, prefer double ovens, or want something else altogether, having a kitchen with details that are created just for you can turn a bland space into something outstanding. Luxury Home remodeling firms also know how long specialty items will take to arrive and when to order all necessary supplies. They can keep the workflow going with all of the trades’ people.

Because professional luxury kitchen designers have the background and knowledge, they understand space planning, adding smart features like a charging drawer, and choosing custom-designed cabinets. They can create the ideal area for your family’s needs based on your habits, cooking style, personal preferences, entertainment style, and on time and on budget.

6. Quality materials

Luxury home remodeling firms will use high-quality materials appropriate for the project and stay within the client’s budget.

A professional kitchen designer can offer you a much more comprehensive range of finishes, appliances, fixtures, and more choices. This specialist knows the latest trends, keeps up with the best building procedures, and knows how to guide their client in choosing the finest items. 

Don’t settle for an average-looking space with standard finishes. Build your luxury dream kitchen and love the home you’re in.

Luxury Kitchen Remodeler, Design Tech Remodeling


Kitchen Remodel by Award-Winner, Design Tech Remodeling

7. Cost savings 

With their expertise, luxury home remodeling firms can save clients money by planning smart and making sure everything is done correctly the first time.

Hiring a luxury kitchen remodeler to upgrade your space can save money and time by guaranteeing the final product will also meet your lifestyle, needs, and budget. One company will manage the entire project from start to finish and keep your finances and timeline on track.

The remodeling contractor can resolve any issues without delays because the designers and tradespeople all work together as a team.

A luxury kitchen remodeler can also guide you through choosing flooring, lighting, tile, appliances, etc., getting the best value, the most long-lasting products, and timeless, elegant finishes. Best of all, they can keep you from getting overwhelmed by all of the choices you have to make throughout the project.

8. Satisfaction guaranteed

Most luxury home remodeling firms provide a satisfaction guarantee, meaning clients are happy with the finished product. 

Bring your friends and family into your newly remodeled kitchen and beam with pride, knowing the kitchen was designed just for you. Only by working with a luxury kitchen designer can you have that feeling and final outcome.

It’s exciting to have your vision come to life and infuse luxury into your kitchen remodeling project. Look beyond price tags and embrace how your remodeled kitchen will make you feel. For your vision of a new kitchen, elegance and creativity can be combined for the perfect result. By changing the home’s flow and the kitchen’s function, homeowners can live in their residences in a new way. Getting the kitchen of your dreams will make you happy – and that’s worth any price.

9. Troubleshooting 

Problems that arise during remodeling projects can be troublesome and could cause delays. Luxury home remodeling firms can handle any issues quickly and professionally. 

Renovation and remodeling shows on television always make their house projects seem quick and easy. However, any remodeling project requires planning, organization, and a well-thought-out budget and timeline. An experienced luxury kitchen remodeler can also handle unexpected challenges and obstacles, such as uneven floors, leaky plumbing, or faulty wiring. The professionals can solve any issues to ensure your project will stay on track and within budget. 

Luxury home remodeler Design Tech Remodeling before and after photo


Before and After remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Especially when updating an older house, remodeling a kitchen can be pretty challenging. This kind of project requires an expert’s touch, from unusual design elements to outdated building codes. An experienced luxury kitchen designer can help you navigate this process.

10. Investment value

Luxury home remodeling projects add value to a home’s worth should the client decide to sell. A high-quality remodel will increase the asking price.

Having a newly remodeled kitchen is at the top of the “To-Do” list for many homeowners. However, by working with a luxury kitchen designer, you will get a brand-new kitchen that is head and shoulders above builder-grade standards. Your updated home will stand out among your neighbors – especially when it comes time to sell. 

A professional will know what current trends appeal to buyers. Let them guide your decisions.

According to a 2020 survey by Houzz, 29% of homeowners said their number one choice of flooring for their remodeled kitchen is wood. But homeowners are split as to whether they want natural hardwood or ceramic tile that looks like it. What’s the best flooring for your kitchen to add the most value? Working with a luxury kitchen designer can help you decide.

Design Tech Remodeling

The staff of Design Tech Remodeling will work closely with you to discuss the specific details of your newly designed kitchen. Their professionals can help you solve problems, set a realistic budget, and offer suggestions for making your dream a reality.

Design Tech Remodeling is located in Mequon and is a full-service kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodeler for residents in greater Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you want a more luxurious and better functioning kitchen for your family, an improved flow for entertaining, or an update for a changing lifestyle, give Design Tech Remodeling a call. Their team can help you achieve your goals with unmatched customer service, high-quality designs and products, excellent craftsmanship, and with many of their innovative ideas. 

Best of all, when you remodel your kitchen with Design Tech Remodeling, you add value to your home by adding luxurious finishes and top-of-the-line appliances.

How They Work

Since 1997, Design Tech Remodeling has been committed to offering outstanding customer service and creating the highest quality designs. Their NARI-certified professionals have shown their clients an in-depth knowledge of the remodeling industry for more than twenty-five years. They can custom design the vision of your dream kitchen to match your family’s needs, wants, and specifications.

A complimentary in-home consultation is the first step to working with Design Tech Remodeling. The designer will come to your home to discuss how you see your newly remodeled luxury kitchen. The professional will offer initial suggestions as they tour your home. 

After taking notes during the meeting, the designer will draft an initial floor plan for your review. This floor plan will include the designer’s suggestions and the client’s ideas. The kitchen’s new layout will also consider how you and your family use the space. Questions such as: Do you often entertain large groups? Do you enjoy baking? What kind of cooking do you prefer? Do you also want to add a powder room or a mud room? Are you in need of more storage? And so on.

The Final Steps to Your Dream Kitchen

The staff will work with you every step of the way. The kitchen designer will guide you, starting with creating the perfect floor plan for how your family cooks and uses the space. Once the floor plan is agreed on, the designer will assist you in choosing the highest quality tile, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances. Most importantly, Design Tech Remodeling professionals stay in contact with you until the project is finalized and you and your family are completely satisfied. 

Explore their Photo Gallery here and get even more inspiration from some of their recent kitchen projects. Design Tech Remodeling will build the kitchen of your dreams. Contact this award-winning remodeler today and discover how they can make your luxury kitchen dreams come true!

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