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No matter what your house looks like or how new your residence may be, there are always ways to improve it. That’s especially important if there is bad electrical wiring or leaking plumbing. Problems like this can only get worse, so don’t wait for accidents to occur. Additionally, if your kitchen needs to be fixed or your floor plan doesn’t flow like it should, consider making changes with some home remodeling projects.

Home Remodeling in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Are you thinking of selling your home? Or are you hoping to make it your forever home with a few updates? Home remodeling, done well and using high-end products, can increase your home’s value. It can make it more attractive and better match your family’s lifestyle.

Home remodel and renovation
Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

However, if you make the wrong renovations or do them incorrectly, this may decrease the value of your home instead. When you try to sell, poorly done home remodeling projects can chase buyers away.

So, which room should be updated first, and when? Is there a right and wrong time to renovate and a right or wrong room to revamp? How much can you expect it to cost?

The experts at Design Tech Remodeling are happy to give you some answers.

What’s the Difference Between Home Remodeling and Renovating?

A remodeling project usually refers to creating something new from an existing space. It’s the process of changing the design of an area and its functionality. Home remodeling is finishing a basement, reconfiguring a kitchen by opening or removing walls, or even constructing an addition.

A renovation means the homeowner wants to restore their home to a previous state or time.

Is it Worth the Money to Remodel?

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), remodeling a new main bedroom suite will return at least 50% of the cost. A complete kitchen remodel will recoup nearly 60% of the total. So yes, it’s worth every penny. Updating your home not only makes it more beautiful but will make it function much better in the long run.

What is the First Room I Should Consider For a Home Remodeling Project?

The kitchen is the best place to start when considering making updates in your home. Kitchens are the most heavily used room in your house and the location where guests often hang out during a party or gathering. Make a great first impression on visitors when they walk in, and “wow” them with a beautiful kitchen.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends
Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

For the past decade, opening walls between kitchens and dining rooms or family rooms to create a more open floor plan has been on top of the home remodeling list for homeowners. The kitchen is number one if you want to add value to your home.

The second is to update your bathrooms. Adding a luxurious, spa-like space to the main bedroom is what many homeowners are searching for. It is also key for adding value.

What Will Add More Value – Another Bathroom or a Bedroom?

Without a doubt, adding another bathroom will offer your home more than twice the resale value of a bedroom. If you must choose between the two, add another bathroom.

Milwaukee's best Kitchen and Bathroom remodeler

Other projects that add the most to a home’s value include:

  • Energy-efficient improvements include better insulation, updated windows, and a new HVAC system.
  • More natural light by adding windows; increase lighting with new chandeliers or install lights in the ceilings.
  • Better curb appeal. Update the landscape, paint the siding, or replace the front door.
  • Adding living space by finishing your basement is right behind remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for adding value to your home.
  • Adults looking to purchase a new home prefer a main bedroom en suite with a private bathroom and a big, walk-in closet. Don’t lose out on a buyer by not having a beautiful main suite.

How Much Does an Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Depending on the finishes, appliances, and cabinetry you choose – and whether you remove walls or move plumbing – a medium-sized kitchen can cost anywhere from $75,000 to $150,000 or more. When talking with Design Tech Remodeling, we can help you determine a budget and create your dream kitchen. Ask about costs for labor, flooring, cabinetry, and more.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodeling Project Cost?

Generally, bathroom remodeling can cost between $45,000 and $90,000. Like the kitchen, it depends on your choice of finishes and whether walls and plumbing will be moved. Best of all, it can increase your home’s value by 10% to 40%.

What Else Can I Do to Increase My Home’s Value?

home remodeling basements

If you want to sell your home for top dollar, a few home remodeling projects can significantly increase your ROI – or return on investment

These projects should first repair a structural or design flaw for the best ROI. However, making your home “move-in ready” is a significant plus for resale value. Families looking to purchase a home often don’t have the time or desire to do projects while moving into their new residence.

Replacing windows, adding a deck, and upgrading bathrooms and kitchens generate the highest ROI. Here are several other suggestions:

  • New flooring
  • Replace the garage door
  • Create an outdoor space with a pergola, deck, fire pit, or seating area
  • Update the siding
  • Make your home more energy efficient with new appliances, insulation, windows, etc.

And here are a few more ideas that add value with minimal cost:

  • Clean out closets and declutter every room
  • A fresh coat of interior paint – preferably a neutral color like tan, gray, or white 
  • Curb appeal is essential – trim trees, pull weeds, add blooming flowers

When is the Best Time to Remodel?

Renovations and home remodeling projects should be done at least every 10 to 15 years if your home is in reasonably good condition. Evaluate your home and determine what changes are most important to you and best suit your family. If there are serious structural issues, they must be taken care of first.

Additionally, before deciding on a renovation, consider what season it is. Winter is the ideal time to remodel your home’s interior if you want to save a little on your budget. Many contractors are looking for something for their “off-season” months. For exterior projects or additions, a determining factor will be weather conditions. Talk with the professionals at Design Tech Remodeling to determine when to begin your project and which areas of the house to remodel first.

What Should I NOT Do When I Remodel My House?

Best of Milwaukee Magazine - Runner up

Do not attempt to remodel your home yourself. You want to hire a reputable, award-winning remodeling contractor for your project.

The most important thing to remember is even if you’re a licensed contractor, do NOT attempt to remodel your home yourself. If you watch any programs on HGTV, there are scores of people on TV begging for help. They thought they could “Do It Themselves” and realized too late that they could not. Contact the professionals at Design Tech Remodeling for the right people to do the job.

The second important thing to remember is to set a realistic budget. Don’t under-budget and “cheap out” when choosing finishes. High quality will last, while cheap tile, cabinets, flooring, etc., will show wear and need to be replaced in just a few years.

Here are a few other ideas to keep in mind:

  • With every home remodeling project, keep in mind your home’s architecture and work with it.
  • Don’t get too trendy. You’ll get tired of it almost immediately and date your remodel. Remember shag carpeting and harvest gold appliances?
  • Before starting a kitchen remodel, choose your appliances. Sizes vary significantly, and you don’t want to finish the project and not have enough room for your new stove.
  • However, wait to buy your home decor or furniture until the room is complete. You’ll change your mind many times as to what you want. Plus, save your finances for the project – you can buy a new couch later! 

What Are the Benefits of Home Remodeling?

Are you thinking about remodeling your home but still need to figure it out? Is it worth all the effort? What are some of the best reasons to remodel? Here are several to consider that you may have yet to realize.

  • Save Money

In the long run, remodeling your home can pay for itself. Replacing drafty doors and windows, adding insulation, installing a new water heater, and more will lower your utility bills for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, many remodeling projects can be used as a tax credit. This leads to cash savings, too.

  • Increase Comfort and Livability

This is generally the main reason why homeowners decide to remodel. Everyone wants to be comfortable, have enough space, and feel safe in their home. The best projects improve functionality plus offer everyone in the family a private area for themselves.

Removing walls or rearranging the floor plan can drastically improve even a small cramped house.

  • Adding More Room

Do you need more space for your growing family? You don’t have to move to a new house when you can expand your current home. Design Tech Remodel is also well-known for improving living spaces by finishing basements.

Add another bedroom, bathroom, or home office to your lower level. Make it your teen’s “hang out” space to play video games or watch sports. Give everyone in the family enough space to explore their interests with a craft room, a music room, a cozy reading nook, or a media room. The possibilities are endless.

Do you love to entertain? Expand your main floor living space into a great room. Take down walls so guests can interact and enjoy each other’s company.

Another bathroom is essential for a large family. No waiting in line while someone finishes their shower! Cut down on squabbles between siblings by expanding your home. This is another excellent way to add value if you want to sell your home someday.

  • Maintenance Costs Reduced

Proper maintenance will slow the process of a home’s wear and tear. Aspects of a home to care for include the roof, exterior drainage, window and door seals, appliance repairs, flooring updates, and more. On an older home, repair costs can skyrocket – especially if it’s been neglected for a while.

A home remodeling project can update everything from the roof to the electrical system, plumbing, interior walls, flooring, appliances, and foundation. This reduces the time and money you spend repairing and maintaining your home. Doesn’t that sound great?

  • Changes in Lifestyle

Home remodeling can be done to match your family’s lifestyle. Still, sometimes, once the project is complete, it can change your lifestyle, too. For example, you may eat out often if your kitchen doesn’t function well. A new, well-designed, functional kitchen may help you stay home and eat a healthier diet. Save money by no longer eating out at expensive restaurants.

Plus, if you remodel your home and create a warm, welcoming space for family and friends, you might invite people over instead of going out or not entertaining at all. Having a lovely home can put money back into your pocket because it reduces the time you spend away from it. A comfy home can also increase the time your family spends together watching television, playing board games, cooking, or talking.

  • Boost The Resale Value 

Once your home remodeling projects are finished, you may never want to leave – and that’s great! But if you decide to move sometime in the future, you’ll get the best return on your investment by updating your home now.

Boosting the selling potential and increasing the value of your home is one of the best reasons to remodel. You never know what the future holds. You may have to move due to a job change, have an elderly loved one move in with you, or something else may cause you to sell your home. Why not get the most for it?

Home remodeling is an excellent investment. Updating a bathroom can add several thousand dollars to your home’s selling price. According to Remodeling magazine, adding insulation to your attic will offer a 107% ROI. In the end, you’ll gain an improved and better functioning living space by remodeling your home. Then, when it’s time to sell, you’ll get a better price. It’s a win-win.

Design Tech Remodeling – A Dependable Company

Transforming your home can add significant value. Talk to Design Tech Remodeling to maximize the value and increase the livability of your residence. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom, lower level, and primary suite remodeling and provide you with custom solutions with dedication and professionalism. We’re located in Mequon and have worked with clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin for many years.

What Sets Design Tech Remodeling Apart From the Rest?

Do you want to make some changes to your residence? Do you need an office because you are now working from home? Do you need to fix your kitchen because it’s just not functioning well?

It’s time to contact Design Tech Remodeling for help. Our award-winning firm can help your vision come to life. We can add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle and are committed to ensuring every client is happy with the outcome.

Using our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the design-build process, we guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

This begins with meeting with you and touring your home. Our professional interior designer will develop a concept to match your goals and lifestyle. Then the designer produces some renderings and final drawings and assists you in selecting products (tiles, flooring, cabinet styles, countertops, etc.).

Once the design is determined, we ensure quality craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the project. We will partner with you to build the perfect finished product.

Contact Design Tech Remodeling for the best, high-quality, luxury home remodeling contractor in the area. Start your dream home renovations today.

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