2023 Top Basement Remodeling Trends

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Years ago, when homes were built, most basements were left unfinished and, except for doing the laundry or using it for storage, were underutilized, dark, and empty. However, homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in basement remodeling Trends, whether the house is 100 years old or brand new.

As families look ahead to 2023, many are beginning to think of ways to remodel, expand, and update their homes. They’re investing in their current home to update its appeal, add value, and increase the amount of usable living space.

Nicole Raffensperger, CKBR discusses what the most remodeled spaces are right now.

One of the most popular trends is to focus on the mostly unused basement and transform it into something livable and comfortable. Basic basement remodeling trends include waterproofing walls, adding insulation for warmth, throwing a rug on the floor, and installing larger windows. This creates an area that can be safely and easily used for a kid’s playroom, a home gym, or a TV area.

While remodeling the basement this way is still fairly typical, homeowners are also broadening their basement’s functionality and expanding their options. Basements are being converted into movie theatres, entertainment spaces, game rooms, home offices, and more. More creative basement remodeling projects are increasing in number. Here are some of the hottest 2023 basement remodeling trends for the coming year.

Basement Remodels Become an Extension of Your Home

In the past, a basement was decorated as an afterthought, if at all. Because it was hidden from view, many homeowners either used old, outdated furnishings or felt free to go wild with bold colors or unique style choices.

But today, homeowners consider their basement an extension of their main floor living space and are more concerned with how it looks. They choose similar flooring, colors, and furniture styles to match the rest of the house. This allows the feeling of the home to flow from one space to another.

Basement remodeling trends
Basement Remodeling by Design Tech Remodeling

This easy transition can help boost the home’s value for those planning to sell soon. Potential buyers will see the basement as an extra living area comparable to the main floor instead of just a space with no value. Keep that in mind as you plan your basement remodeling projects.

Walkout Basements Are Popular Basement Remodeling Projects

For 2023, a walkout basement is one of the emerging basement remodeling trends.

Not all of the home’s foundation walls are submerged with a walkout basement. It’s ideal for homes built on a sloping lot because only part of the basement is underground. The basement receives more natural light and has a door to offer access outside.

However, a traditional basement can also be remodeled into something similar to a walkout. It would involve exposing one side of the foundation, building an exterior door, and adding large windows. The results are amazing, but it requires a lot of planning and special building permits.

An Open Concept for Basement Remodeling

An open concept on the main floor has been popular for years, allowing expansive sight lines and easy movement from one area to another.

With an open-concept basement design, homeowners can take advantage of the basement’s natural open floor plan for an updated modern style that encourages togetherness. It creates multiple-use spaces, but each area will still connect. The game room connects to the family sitting area, home gym, office, etc.

An open design for basement remodeling expands the limited amount of usable square feet in small basements. No need to give up floor space for walls; homeowners get more opportunities to create a unique look. Adding a few windows allows natural light to flood the entire area. Think about including a kitchenette for chilled beverages or snacks instead of running up and down stairs.

On the other hand, one disadvantage of an open floorplan is that there may not be much privacy. A bunch of teens playing video games will disturb whoever is trying to work in the office area.

A Basement Remodel Will Sometimes Include a Quiet Space

When working on your basement remodeling plans, it is critical to think through each area. Determine where to add storage, hide your mechanicals, and where noisy rooms versus quiet spots will be.

For example, consider making a cozy and quiet spot by using the space beneath the stairwell for a reading nook. Add comfortable bean bag chairs, big pillows, blankets, and shelves with books. Make it a designated area for anyone to get away, relax, and stretch their imagination.

A Home Office

Are you working from home more often? It may be more difficult than you first thought it would be. Distractions never end. It can be hard to concentrate, whether it’s family members who want to chat, the laundry, knocks at the door, or something else. However, a basement remodeling plan for a home office is an excellent way to avoid most of these problems.

A well-designed home office should include a comfortable desk and an ergonomic chair, technology essentials, good lighting, and storage. Some popular additions to this trend include space for a table and chairs for business meetings and a comfortable reading chair or a love seat. If privacy is essential, consider adding a door and some extra soundproofing to the walls. 

Business Run from Home

Home offices can also be for those who manage a business from home. It could be something simple or as complex as:

•                 A fashion designer’s sewing room

•                 A personal trainer’s fitness studio

•                 A dancer’s ballet studio

•                 A musician’s practice room or teaching studio

•                 A complete photography studio with a dark room

•                 A showroom with a product sampling area and storage

Each business must have the necessary facilities to properly function. For example, music rooms must be properly insulated and soundproofed. Computers and technology must have an adequate power supply with strategically placed outlets. A private entry must be provided for clients and an egress window for an emergency exit. Planning the ideal home office design for the basement is easier with help from a professional interior designer.

Enclosed Theater Room vs. TV Area

Homeowners have two options when designing a basement media room: an open TV space or an enclosed theater room.

Media Room
Media Room by Design Tech Remodeling

True movie buffs usually prefer an enclosed theater room. These rooms include surround sound, a projection screen, sealed walls, soft reclining seats, and LED floor lighting. Another favorite element is theater seating, whether at the same level as the rest of the basement or on a raised platform. This kind of seating transforms your basement into a premium entertainment zone. Homeowners get a setup that rivals the best movie theaters around.

However, an open TV area is far less expensive and much more relaxed. It’s a standard living room set up with media equipment. Many homeowners fantasize about having a theater room. Still, with the growing popularity of open concept design and the expense and difficulty of setting one up, most families choose an open TV area after all.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to the budget and your preference. 

Family-Friendly Multi-Tasking Spaces

Especially in a basement with limited square footage, consider designing areas for multiple uses to maximize space. For example, your home office could also be used as a library or for school work. Create a lounge area for kids to play in during the day, and then use it as a TV room for the adults in the evening. Divide an open space into multiple “rooms” by adding bookcases, a folding screen, a curtain, or something else that’s mobile. Ample storage and comfortable seating are also essential.

Create a Cool Hangout for Your Teen

Although your teens and their friends make a lot of noise and eat all your food, you probably feel good if they enjoy being at your house. Add a couch or other seating in front of a television and make room for a pool table or a ping pong table. Your basement is sure to become their favorite hangout.

Plan for the Future

Will your teen live with you while going to college? Will your elderly parents move in with you in the future? Please plan ahead and add a more private and adult space in the basement for them.

A popular basement remodeling design choice is to create extra space for guests with a full en suite. When family or friends visit, homeowners can offer them a bedroom or two, a bathroom, a sitting area, and a wet bar/kitchenette. The size and complexity of the suite will depend on your budget, available basement space, and how long your guests usually stay.

Building a guest suite is a perfect solution if your family or friends come to visit often or for an extended time. That way, everyone will have a comfortable and private place.

A Basement Apartment

A complete basement apartment is a great solution for raising the value of a home. This also allows extra revenue for homeowners. When the apartment is not rented, the in-laws, older children, or other family members can use it. An apartment can serve multiple functions for years when furnished with all necessities. Homeowners can gain a lot of value from the space whether they keep it for themselves or rent it out.

However, constructing a basement apartment is a bit more complicated, and certain building permits are necessary. Be sure to work with a trusted and licensed contractor for a project of this size.

Home Gym & Spa

Adding a home gym is included in common basement remodeling trends gaining popularity among homeowners. Because of its open space and convenient placement, you can work up a sweat in peace in the basement. Consider taking it up a notch and adding a spa with a sauna and steam shower.

Best of all, any size basement can handle a home gym. If your basement is large, add multiple fitness machines, a bench press, and a weight rack cage. Even invite a workout buddy to join you. However, if the space is limited, don’t worry; downsize the number of fitness machines and include a shower in the basement bathroom.

Add Pops of Personality

For every basement remodeling project, remember that details are important. Be deliberate with designing the overall space. It will feel more like a comfortable part of your home versus a completely separate area.

However, the basement is also ideal for expressing your design aesthetic and showing more personality. Choose different – yet complementary – colors from the rest of the house; display unusual contemporary art, add beams for ceiling dimension, or try a diverse furniture style.

Feature Walls

A feature wall in your basement remodeling project is visually appealing and ideal for making the room more useful. Install a fireplace, bookcases, storage, a television, or a combination of things. A feature wall can anchor the space and help position furniture more easily.

Ceiling Details in Basement Remodeling

Because there is ductwork for air conditioning and plumbing often exposed below the upper floor joists, basement ceilings can be difficult to work with. Take advantage of ductwork instead of covering everything with ceiling tiles or drywall. Define spaces with soffits that are purposefully designed to add interest. By not dropping the entire ceiling, the basement will feel more open and comfortable instead of cramped and low.

Basement Remodeling Trends of 2023 include Connecting the Indoors and Outdoors

One of the biggest trends in basement remodeling has been blurring the line between the outdoors and the indoors. In 2023, this trend will continue as homeowners look for ways to connect the two. Add sliding glass doors and large windows to bring the outside in. Use natural colors to decorate (green, tan, soft yellow, pale blue, etc.), and add indoor plants and patterns that invoke nature.

Design Tech Remodeling

Basement remodeling has taken over as the latest and greatest home project. Homeowners are finding new and creative ways to use their basements, increase their home’s value, and expand their living space. The ideas are endless, depending on your wants and needs.

Don’t waste your basement space. Contact Design Tech Remodeling today and discover how remodeling can benefit your family and your home’s value.

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