2022 Basement Remodeling Trends

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Your family needs more space but don’t want to move to a new house. How about turning your basement into a beautiful and usable living area? Recognize the potential of your lower level and extend the personality of the rest of your home to the downstairs space with a few of the hottest 2022 basement remodeling trends.

Choices to update a basement can be endless. Create your unique vision: Would you like a quiet home office for yourself and a study space for the kids? Are you dreaming of a rough-and-tumble play area and a game room with a pool table? How about turning it into a bedroom and living space for overnight guests or elderly parents moving in? Do you need more entertainment space?

Seeing your rarely-used basement turn into a stylish living space is an exciting adventure and will add value to your home. Learn more about these 2022 basement remodeling trends from Design Tech Remodeling.


2022 Basement Remodeling Trends Include Open Concepts

2022 Basement Remodeling Trends

For many years, homes with open floor plans have been hugely popular. One of the top 2022 basement remodeling trends for the lower level takes advantage of a basement’s already expansive aspect.

When you remodel, try not to create too many barriers or walls so you can freely walk from one space to another. Creating multi-purpose areas that promote communication and interaction. Each space opens to the next: begin with a family sitting area in front of a large television; add a game room to one side with a ping pong or pool table; in a back corner, create a quiet area for reading or schoolwork, and so on.

This trend maximizes the square footage, especially if you have a small basement, and allows you to use the space however you’d like. You can create a sanctuary with your style by keeping an open concept. Additionally, as your lifestyle changes (kids growing up, leaving home, or coming back), you can use this finished space in various ways. Leave your options open.


Make Your Basement Remodel an Extension of Your Home

In the past, many homeowners thought of their lower level as something separate because it was often hidden from view. But 2022 basement remodeling trends now see it as an extension of the upstairs living space.

For example, the flooring and color choices should flow from one story to another in an easy transition. It should not feel as if you are “somewhere else.” Your chosen finishes (countertops, furniture, paint colors, windows, etc.) for the basement should be the same style and quality as other living areas.


2022 Basement Remodeling Trends Include Entertainment Spaces

Invite friends over to watch the big game and turn your basement into a personal pub with a wet bar and cozy lounge. Offer an authentic experience with décor, lighting, and music.

As an example, this family in Slinger was the fourth generation living in their 1852 homestead. They were anxious to create a lower-level bar and entertainment space with an extra bedroom to share with friends and family.

Although there were some structural challenges to overcome, their dream lower level was achieved. Design Tech Remodeling maintained the original family legacy and created a sophisticated yet rustic farm style to match the rest of the house. Design Tech Remodeling’s final product not only incorporated everything on the client’s wish list, it exceeded their customers’ expectations (and their own) to win the NARI 2021 Regional CoTY Award.

These lower-level entertainment spaces can include theater rooms, TV areas, or game rooms. Add enough soft recliners with cup holders for everyone. Then have surround sound, a projection screen or large flat-screen television, a pool table or card/game table – and perhaps a popcorn machine. Consider adding a kitchenette for snacks or a bar area for a true entertainment experience. Your friends may never leave!


Dedicated Home Offices are Popular in Basement Remodels

With more people working from home, it’s becoming more challenging to find a quiet area in the house with no distractions. The kitchen table isn’t optimal anymore. It would be best if you had a dedicated home office.

One of the 2022 basement remodeling trends turns your lower level into the perfect home office. Limit intrusions, noise from kids, and temptations to take too many breaks. Overcome these hassles with a well-designed workspace that includes good lighting, adequate storage, a comfortable chair and desk, and the right technology.

Include some soundproofing and a door to limit interruptions, and you’ll be unstoppable on the job!


Stay Fit With a New Remodeled Basement Home Gym

baseement home gym

No matter the size of your lower level, 2022 basement remodeling trends help you stay in shape by adding a workout space. The basement is the perfect spot for a gym, and this idea has become more and more appealing to homeowners.

Make room for the essentials, whether you have floor space for a bench press, exercise machines, a shower area, and a sauna – or just enough for a yoga mat and a few kettlebells. Invite a workout partner or two to keep you motivated. Add a full bath to the basement plan to freshen up after your workout.


Add Cozy Guest Suites with Your Basement Remodel

Do you have family members who often visit or stay for an extended time? The 2022 basement remodeling trends suggest adding comfortable places for everyone. Give them some privacy and room to relax in a guest suite.

The suite should include a spacious bedroom, a full bath, a wet bar or kitchenette, and a lounge area. However, the size of this suite depends on how much available room you have. Consider having two bedrooms sharing the bathroom and lounge if you need more sleep space.


A Music Room in the Basement

A hundred years ago, it seemed that everyone had a piano in their parlor. Today, a growing 2022 basement remodeling trend adds a music room to your lower level instead. If your family members are music lovers, singers, or play instruments, how about a music room for all of you to share?

Depending on your needs, this area can vary in size and shape. Do you want a place to practice your drums or sing an aria? Would you like to invite your musician friends to join you for a jam session on your stage?

Be aware that this space will need some additional planning. Take extra power outlets, music storage, soundproofing, lighting, and more into account. Consider hanging your instruments on the walls as décor or add posters of your favorite singers, composers, bands, etc. Make sure you have comfortable seating for your fans, too.


More 2022 Basement Remodeling Trends Include a Sports Room


Get as wild and rowdy as you want while watching your favorite sports team on television. Being in the basement is ideal for creating a sports center, so you don’t annoy anyone else in the house. Use a nearby wall to display your posters, signed jerseys, balls, trophies, etc.

Entertain a large gathering of family and friends with multiple TVs and a great sound system. Have enough comfy couches and recliners for everyone to relax and enjoy the space. So you don’t have to run up and down the stairs, add a half or full bath nearby. Even better, create a handy kitchenette for cold beverages and sandwiches so you’ll never miss a great play.

At halftime, play a quick game of pool or Nerf basketball in the playroom nearby.


A Teen’s Dream Basement Remodel Hangout

Your teenager is dying for a place to hang out with friends away from the rest of the family. The perfect place for them is in the basement. They can make lots of noise, eat your food, stay up late, laugh and talk down there, and not bother anyone.

Create a cool bedroom and hangout space your teen will love. Add a comfy couch or other seating, a television, some games, and a kitchenette for snacks, and you’ll always know where your teen and their friends are.

Even as your kids grow up and move out of the house, planning for the future includes having a guest bedroom for when they come back to visit. Adding a bedroom suite to your basement remodeling project will never go to waste.


Award-Winning Residential Remodeling

2022 Basement Remodeling Trends are now at the top of the list for home remodeling projects. Homeowners are upgrading their basement spaces to expand their living areas and increase their home’s value at the same time.

Are you looking to create the beautiful and functional basement of your dreams? Contact Design Tech Remodeling today. For more than 25 years, they have been helping southeastern Wisconsin’s homeowners with family-friendly changes in their kitchens, bathrooms, and lower levels.

Their award-winningNARI-certified professionals and skilled artisans guide every client through the process from concept to completion. Design Tech Remodeling ensures high quality, attention to detail, and innovative designs for every project.

Most importantly, Design Tech Remodeling is committed to outstanding customer service. They begin by listening to their clients to develop their vision. Working collaboratively, the designer and client bring that vision to life.


Design Tech Remodeling

Contact Design Tech Remodeling today. They can take your underused basement and create the space of your dreams, whether you’re thinking of an office, a game room, or a home gym. You’ll get quality results – on time and budget – with their professional design service and outstanding workmanship.


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