15 Kitchen Trends for 2022

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In our busy, hustle and bustle world with everyday worries, endless errands, and more, it’s lovely to come home to an environment that feels comfy, cozy, and safe. We all want a place where we can kick off our shoes and relax in peace.

But what about the kitchen? There are many great innovative layouts, state-of-the-art appliances, and kitchen trends to consider. However, can you design a kitchen space that’s warm and friendly yet still functional?

With the new year quickly approaching, here are fifteen kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 to do just that.

Kitchen Trends for 2022 Include Environmentally Friendly Finishes and Colors

One of the best kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 includes environmental friendliness, minimalism, and the use of recycled materials. For this modern styling, the overall design has limited décor, only a few small appliances on the counters (if any), clean lines, and cabinets and drawers that don’t need pulls or handles. This design allows your eyes to rest and not be distracted by too much color, pattern, clutter, etc.

There are flooring and countertop choices available made from recycled glass, tile, or concrete. Cabinets or floors can be constructed from wood planks re-used from old buildings.

Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

Instead of bright, vivid colors, this kitchen style works best with a neutral color palette. Use calm and muted shades of sky blue and grey-green, then add soft yellow and ocher, or warm olive and pistachio for warm olive and pistachio a touch of color. White, of course, is a classic that will never go out of style, but the kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 are getting away from the all-white kitchen. Choose colors that are close to the hues of nature, and they will blend beautifully with the warm wood tones of your cabinetry and feel very soothing.

More Natural Materials are Part of the 2022 Kitchen Trends

During the pandemic, the use of natural materials considerably increased. They not only have a luxurious aesthetic quality and add depth and warmth, but they also reduce the number of chemically treated items used in home remodeling projects.

In 2022, wood cabinets will continue to grow in appeal. Natural wood is now having a revival after being out of style for many years. Oak cabinetry is incredibly durable and provides wonderful texture with its open grain. At the same time, ash cabinets are paler in color than oak, and walnut has a finer grain and a darker tone that offers a feeling of luxury.

Add basket-style pendant lights and wicker or rattan-backed bar stools to introduce yet another layer of natural texture to your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2022 Use Natural Stone

Natural products also include granite and marble. Offering unmistakable luxury and next-level style, choose strongly veined marble or the busiest pattern you can find in granite. This stone is making a major mark in the design world for kitchen remodels and is considered very high-end. The veining and patterns create a textural contrast with the other finishes in the kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel

Marble and granite are also highly durable, classic, and sustainable. It’s an excellent investment and an excellent choice to withstand passing trends. Even if you change your wall colors or décor style, the marble and granite countertops, backsplashes, or floor tiles will still work with just about everything.

Tile Backsplashes

Although tile backsplashes aren’t new, what IS new is their finish. Kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 include a move toward gloss finishes and away from matte tiles. No matter what color you choose, a glossy finish will reflect light around the kitchen and – even better – is much easier to keep clean.

Kitchen cabinet and door hardware by Neus

Glazed tiles pair well with marble counters and elegant cabinetry and also create a beautiful contrast with rustic designs. Handmade and distinctive, Moroccan glazed clay tiles exhibit varying tones and irregular surfaces. They can bring an artisan character and texture to any kitchen remodel project.

Mixing Vintage or Antiques 2022 Remodel Trends

Another best of the kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 includes moving away from the look of a “show home” and creating a warm, friendly, lived-in environment by adding vintage or antique touches.

For example, instead of a standard group of cabinets for the kitchen island, try using an antique dresser, an old butcher block, or a vintage trestle table instead. Antique pieces give the kitchen added character and are often found at auctions, antique shops, or fairs. They are usually fairly inexpensive, are built to last, and feel timeless.

Other ideas include antique pieces of pottery, vintage lights, or items that may have been in the family for generations hung on the walls or displayed on an open shelf.

Broken Plan vs. Open Plan

For decades, the open floor plan has been the most popular choice for a custom home layout. However, after many months of quarantine in their homes due to COVID-19 many families realize the practicality and necessity of having quiet, closed-off spaces. After years of contractors remodeling homes by breaking down walls to create large open rooms, homeowners have come to appreciate the benefits of closing a door and escaping the echoing sounds of the house and its occupants.

At best, it is difficult for an entire family to be in one large, open space and not interrupt or bother each other. One family member is watching television while another is trying to do homework, someone is rattling pots and pans in the kitchen, and yet another is talking on the phone. It’s a cacophony!

For kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 and beyond, “zones” will replace the open floor plan, and this new design idea is referred to as a “broken plan.” Although this new floorplan layout will retain the spaciousness of an open floor plan, the homeowner can create distinct zones by using cabinetry, screens, freestanding furniture, and even hanging house plants. There can be quiet nooks designed for reading and doing homework, other spaces for entertaining, and ways to close off the kitchen when cooking.

Glass Partitions 

While on the topic of closing off the kitchen, a great kitchen remodel idea for 2022 is to use a glass wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house. This glass partition won’t block the light or close off the ability to be together, but it has the advantage of containing the noise and cooking smells in the kitchen.

These glazed partitions can create the illusion of space while defining each area without needing a fully open floor plan. The wall can be taken down between the kitchen and living room to allow the chef in the family to keep an eye on the children or be part of the conversation while entertaining. But adding a window or glass partition in place of the wall allows the homeowner to close it when needed. It can also allow a backdrop for an antique furniture piece or add architectural interest to the adjoining room.

Statement Hoods Are Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022


Recently, more and more Wisconsin homeowners want to add a custom-made vent hood to create a strong focal point in the kitchen.

For 2022, kitchen remodels ideas include hoods with exceptional finishes, such as copper or etched zinc, or a sculptural element to offset the angular lines of the cabinets. Using fine craftsmanship and traditional materials in a non-traditional way highlights the value of handmade things and our love of the past.

Layered Lighting

In the future, with kitchen remodel ideas for 2022, the art of layered lighting is an essential step to designing a successful kitchen. It is always a challenge to light a kitchen correctly with both functionality and beauty in mind.

At the very least, you need enough task lighting to manage meal prep and a few downlights over the island or along the perimeter of the kitchen. Some homeowners also add a pretty light fixture in the center of the ceiling. On the other hand, you don’t want too many lights; otherwise, it looks like you’re about to do surgery!

When remodeling your kitchen, determine where you will be doing the majority of your meal prep. Will you be near the sink? Working at the island? Somewhere else? In addition, decide how the island will be used. Will you eat meals there? Will your children or grandchildren do their homework or play games on it? What about natural light? Do you have enough windows, too?

These questions will help determine how much lighting you need, how many fixtures, and where they should be placed.

A Single Open Shelf around the Room

Pantry Wall Scaled

A lot goes on in a kitchen, with cabinets, a vent hood, tile backsplash, appliances, etc. You risk visual overload. Kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 include simple, quiet colors and a more restrained vibe.

Therefore, instead of having lots of upper cabinets or rows of open shelving, consider the trend of adding a single shelf running around the perimeter of the room. A full-height pantry for storage balancing the refrigerator will result in an unfussy and more relaxed look, with much of the walls left bare. Use this single open shelf for storage and add artwork, cookbooks, and vintage touches for a lived-in feel.

Unexpected Color Pairings

Although the kitchen remodels ideas for 2022 and beyond suggest soft, natural colors, at the same time, many homeowners are throwing out the rule book. From flooring to window treatments to tile backsplashes and cabinets, kitchens are ideal for trying unexpected color pairings. Color is very personal. What one person loves, another may find unattractive.

First, decide how permanent you want this color experiment to be. The least expensive and easiest change to make is to paint a wall because, if you decide you don’t like it, paint it again.

Choose colors that “speak” to you, reflect your personality, and offer the environment you want. Do you prefer something soothing and relaxing? Stick to soft, muted tones. Are you high-energy and want a kitchen to spark your creativity? Mix jewel tones and bright colors.

But also, don’t be afraid to be bold. Even with pastels, try pairing pale blue with soft yellow or light pink and mossy green. You’ll be surprised at what color combinations you’ll fall in love with.

Choose a color scheme that makes you feel good and will last for at least five years – not one that’s “trendy” right now. But remember, if you decide to add your color splashes with curtains, chair pillows, and a gallon of paint, you can easily change it again and again.

Gold Finishes

As the final touch to your kitchen remodels project, gold is the way to go. Faucets, cabinet door handles, drawer pulls, and even sinks are available in shiny and brushed gold. Gold makes a definite style statement, even though it’s on some of the most functional aspects of the kitchen.

If your kitchen remodels will open to the rest of your home, you may want to change out a few items, such as picture frames, lamp bases, etc., to gold as well. Blend the shine and gold finish from the kitchen with the other areas of the house.

2022 Kitchen Trends Include Double Islands

Islands have become an essential feature of kitchens. Another of the newest kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 is having a pair of islands. When space is no object, one island is used for storage and meal prep, while the second island is for eating, doing homework, and entertaining. Let your guests sit at the other island while you cook. No one will disrupt your flow or get in the way, but you’re still able to chat comfortably.


Lack of storage is one of the main reasons why a homeowner chooses to remodel their kitchen. Pantries have become the number one solution and a must-have for a modern home.


A pantry makes sense. Homeowners can be more organized when food shopping and all the food is then stored in one place and not scattered around various cupboards.

By having a food pantry, the kitchen doesn’t need to be full of upper cabinets. Fewer upper cabinets make the kitchen look more prominent. It frees up the walls to hang a piece of art and, in turn, helps the space feel less like a kitchen and more of a relaxed, comfy environment. Whether you choose a large walk-in closet steps away from the kitchen, use a vintage dresser, or a corner larder, storage can be both a great design piece and a practical solution.

Clever storage allows clutter to be put away easily to keep your kitchen tidy. Additionally, some homeowners are adding storage solutions to their kitchens for office supplies and creating an office space as they adapt to working from home.

Appliances in Drawers

As Milwaukee area residents age, they are increasingly interested in the ergonomics of their kitchens. Innovative devices are becoming popular as more of us suffer back issues, too. Appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators are being built into drawers at bench height. There’s no need to bend down or kneel for something in the fridge or to unload the dishwasher. Just open the drawer, and there it is.

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