Remodeling Kitchen Ideas and Case Studies

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Are you thinking of making some updates in your home? Are you looking for some remodeling kitchen ideas?

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the most important area in the house. It’s where family and friends gather to enjoy delicious food and lively conversation, where kids often do their homework, and where everyone gets ready to seize the day.

As a homeowner, your kitchen’s functionality, floor plan, the color of the walls, and even the cabinet doors can affect your mood. If the space is well-planned and beautiful, it makes you happy and comfortable. However, if the kitchen doesn’t function well, it can be a disaster.

A kitchen makeover is a significant investment. Therefore, here are some remodeling kitchen ideas and case studies for you to consider for your project.


Having a Place for Everything is a Fundamental in Kitchen Remodeling

One of the best remodeling kitchen ideas helps with functionality and removes clutter. When you remodel your kitchen, you have the ideal opportunity to sort through all the dishes, glassware, pots and pans, and small appliances you own. If you haven’t used it in a while, it’s just taking up space. Be ruthless and purge what you don’t need and don’t use.

Choose upper cabinets that will accommodate the plates, cups, and dishes you use every day. Use drawers or pull-out shelves for lower cabinets to easily reach large pots and pans.

Your cooktop/stove should be strategically located close to the dishwasher and sink. Place the refrigerator in a space also accessed easily from the den or living area. This allows family members to grab a drink or piece of fruit without crossing into the cooking area.

Kitchens remain less cluttered when there is a place for everything. It also helps with functionality to reach what you need while cooking.

●      Transitional Entertaining Kitchen – 2019 Residential Kitchen NARI Silver Award

Kitchen cabinet and door hardware by Neus

The homeowners wanted an inviting and open space for parties, so a large, awkward pantry was removed to incorporate a ten-foot-long multi-functional island. This offered ample storage and prep space to enhance functionality while entertaining. The granite countertops with flecks of mica provide some sparkle. They beautifully contrast with the maple cabinets and create a striking focal point. The bar is accentuated by a 3-dimensional glass backsplash adding a fun element.

Remodeling Kitchen Ideas Use Bold Cabinet Designs

The right cabinets can make quite a statement and add an aesthetic appeal to the entire kitchen. These remodeling kitchen ideas offer a few suggestions.

To help your kitchen appear larger, choose simple wood cabinets with a natural finish or white cabinets. Or, to reflect your style, you can also customize your kitchen cabinets by choosing from an array of door styles. Choose sleek cabinets with glass or laminate doors for a contemporary kitchen.

You can use textured or decorated glass panels with designs for an elegant look. Glass doors can highlight a collection of pottery, vases, or 1960s school lunch boxes.


●      Farmhouse Kitchen – 2018 Residential Kitchen NARI Silver Award

Kitchen remodeling by Design Tech Remodeling

The homeowner’s dream was to have a large kitchen with improved lighting, additional storage and prep space, and an island. Moving the laundry room and relocating the entry door provided them with a more functional space. The hardwood floor creates interest and balance to the farmhouse style. The large island provides storage, prep space, and an informal eating area. The dark gray tones of the quartz countertops complement the herringbone marble backsplash adding a splash of sophistication to the room. Task lighting is improved with can lights, pendants, and a farmhouse dinette light in brushed nickel tones. The upper cabinets with glass fronts will display the homeowner’s antique cookie jars.

Add an Island to Your Remodeling Kitchen Ideas

The best remodeling kitchen ideas always include an island. That’s because kitchen islands can make a significant difference in the workspace.

By taking down walls, it’s easier to expand and open the floor plan between the kitchen and the rest of the house. The kitchen can now connect to the living room or dining area. That way, you can still be part of the conversation while you cook for your family and friends.

By adding a kitchen island, you can create more space for seating or food prep, too. It’s also an excellent space for kids to do their homework, work on crafts, or play on their laptops.

●      Transitional Kitchen

kitchen remodel ideas

At first, these homeowners just wanted to refresh their existing kitchen without changing the layout. They had a large powder room and laundry room nearby but wanted a better entertainment space. By thinking outside the box and moving some walls, they ended up with a kitchen that provided more functionality, additional storage, and an island (which they couldn’t fit in the existing layout). This project had some major structural work and needed to relocate plumbing pipes, but it was all worth it. The warm tones of the wood complement the beautiful acacia floors. The countertops have colors that run through them to match the backsplash. A wine beverage area was added, too.

Use Uncommon Storage Spaces

Today’s remodeling kitchen ideas include open shelving along with standard storage. Liven up your kitchen and elevate its functionality by finding other new storage ideas, too.

If there isn’t enough space for an island in your small kitchen, consider hanging storage or adding a pantry close by. Find an unusual antique dresser, butcher block, or trestle table for your island base in larger kitchens.

An updated floor plan for your kitchen can also offer additional storage and a better workflow.

Although storing all your food in the kitchen cabinets may seem easier, it takes up valuable space for dishes, etc. It can also be unreliable because there is often insufficient space for paper products or bulky purchases. Consider a pantry or closet where you can store food or small appliances out of the way.


●      Transitional Kitchen 2

kitchen remodeling ideas

The homeowner desperately needed an updated kitchen that reflected her style and provided additional seating space for her extended family, so the remodeler removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Unsightly heat registers were relocated into the toe kick under the new cabinetry. The new cabinetry compliments the granite counters, and the eat-in peninsula provides extra seating for guests. A backsplash provides sparkle, and the accent tile echoes the color of the sink. Additional glamor is added with the faucet and the new stainless-steel appliances. Wood flooring grounds the room, and the light fixture over the peninsula adds to the transitional feel of the space.

 Add a Tile Backsplash

Remodeling kitchen ideas dictate that a tile backsplash is an important part of cooking and keeping the kitchen clean. While you may not be able to control the splatters from spaghetti sauce or bacon grease, you can prevent them from destroying your beautiful space.

A tile backsplash between the upper and lower cabinets, around the cooktop, and behind the sink prevents moisture and grime from ruining your kitchen.

Recent remodeling kitchen ideas and innovative solutions offer removable and temporary tile backsplashes, too.

●      Eclectic Kitchen – 2019 Residential Kitchen NARI Gold Award

Kitchen Remodel by Design Tech Remodeling

These homeowners wanted an open concept kitchen and family space that reflected their modern taste. The remodeler removed a structural wall and soffits and combined a small kitchen and cramped home office into a functional kitchen, informal dining, and entertainment area. The kitchen’s classic marble countertops contrast beautifully with the maple cabinets on the perimeter, while the blue cabinets on the island create a focal point. The stunning backsplash is in Metro Lantern Glossy Gray for the sink wall and around the cooktop. The light fixtures add even more sophistication.

Use Substantial Materials for Countertops

Some homeowners ignore high-quality materials used in most kitchen remodeling ideas because they think they can save money by buying inexpensive substitutes.

However, that’s not true. For example, kitchen countertops endure rigorous activity when preparing and cooking meals. Therefore, they must be good quality materials to avoid chipping, cracking, or breaking under pressure. After a short time, laminate countertops can look badly beaten up and should be replaced. Buying and installing two or three countertops within a few years is much more expensive than choosing high-quality in the first place.

Granite and marble countertops may crack, chip, and collect germs due to their porosity and visible openings on the surface. However, these materials are still good quality and are quite sturdy.

On the other hand, quartz countertops are a better solution. Quartz is extremely tough, almost unbreakable, and quite durable. The hardy exterior discourages germs and will keep the kitchen cleaner and more hygienic.

●      Open Concept Kitchen – 2020 NARI RotY Silver Award

kitchen remodeling by Design Tech Remodeling


The challenge of this space was to redesign a small galley kitchen and attached family room. The homeowners wanted an open concept entertainment-style kitchen with better prep space, ample storage, and a large island. Additionally, they desired a mudroom with a closet and drop station, a guest powder room, and hardwood flooring throughout the first floor. The new design removed structural walls and a closet, pulled space from an unused dining room, and enlarged the living room entry. Beautiful quartz counters replaced the laminate countertops to give the new kitchen a high-end look and feel. This design transformed the dysfunctional first floor into a dream-worthy entertainment space.

Don’t Shy Away from Adding Personal Touches

The kitchen is such an essential part of your house that it deserves beautiful décor, too.

It may seem silly to display artwork and decorative pieces in this space. Still, the latest kitchen remodeling ideas advise livening things up with pottery, dishes, and accents. Add a great geometric backsplash or personal touches to make the space homier and feel more like you.

Create a statement with sleek bar tools around the kitchen island and add some jars of assorted, colorful ingredients. Consider using sparkling pendant lights for mood lighting, too.

Décor pieces should be on a shelf or small enough, so they won’t get in the way while you move around your kitchen. These personalized touches add character, make your kitchen feel cozier and more welcoming, and help the space blend with the rest of the home.

●      Contemporary Kitchen – 2019 NARI Milwaukee Tour of Remodeled Homes “Best of Tour”

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These homeowners wanted a kitchen they could be proud of in which to entertain. The existing work triangle was inefficient because the cooktop was too far from the sink. The bulky refrigerator blocked traffic flow into the room. The homeowners wanted a more contemporary look but mixed with classic finishes to compliment the newly renovated spaces in the rest of their home. The new kitchen design relocated the cooktop closer to the sink to provide a more efficient work triangle. The decorative chimney/vent hood and cooktop offer a stunning focal point with the stainless and marble inset backsplash.

The built-in refrigerator was moved to the old cooktop wall, providing a better traffic flow through the space. Stainless steel appliances give a chef-style kitchen to this avid cook. New cabinets with rollout shelves replaced pantry closets for better functionality. Note how the crisp, clean look of the custom white cabinets pop against the dark hardwood floors. The countertops contrast the geometric design of the marble backsplash and complement the soft wave pattern in the dinette chairs. Crystal dinette and pendant lights add “bling” to the space and provide a touch of sophistication. This kitchen has become a more friendly space, with multiple features to entertain family and friends.

Design Tech Remodeling

Design Tech Remodeling can help you create your dreams’ functional and beautiful kitchen.

We are:

● A full-service kitchen remodeler.

● Bathroom remodeler.

● Basement remodeler in the greater Milwaukee area.

Remodeling services with Design Tech Remodeling come with unmatched customer service and high-quality designs and products.

Whether you need a better-functioning kitchen for a growing family, a changing lifestyle, or entertaining groups of friends, we’re here for you. You may want better storage, a larger dining area to increase your functionality and flow, or more counter space. The Design Tech Remodeling team can help you achieve your goals through innovative ideas and excellent craftsmanship.

We can add granite countertops, a walk-in pantry, a center island, or increase your storage to make your kitchen a more functional and comfortable space.

Best of all, when you remodel your kitchen with stylish upgrades, you add value to your home.

Contact Design Tech Remodeling today to find out how we can make your kitchen remodeling dreams come true!

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